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MARCH 2010

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“Students who can’t get into the CSU system want to go to community colleges, but we’ve eliminated 10 percent of classes this year.” Ron Norton Reel, Community College Association president industry have sought retrain- ing at the college in hopes of starting new careers. But even students who complete their prerequisites can’t transfer. Sarah Smith, 30, was not accepted as a transfer student at several colleges she applied to, even with a 3.74 GPA. For now, the single parent continues to take classes at the community college so she won’t stay stagnant, and hopes that doing so will increase her chances of transfer acceptance. “Students who can’t get into the CSU Ron Norton Reel CCA president system want to go to commu- nity colleges, but we’ve elimi- nated 10 percent of classes this year,” says Ron Norton Reel, president of the Community College Association. “And be- cause of the economy and lay- offs, we have more students seeking retraining at commu- nity colleges.” The cutbacks at Lake Tahoe have disproportionately hurt minority students, says Sal Lopez, who teaches English as a Second Language at the college. English learners can no lon- ger find tutors. Ethnic studies classes he ABOVE: Library director Lisa Foley at Lake Tahoe Community College. BELOW: Chemistry professor Mar tin Wallace (INSET) has seen chemistry enrollment increase by 94 percent over the past five years, although there is still only one full-time chemistry instructor at Lake Tahoe Community College. MARCH 2010 | 23

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