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MARCH 2010

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Wendy Slatkin, from Cal Poly Pomona, teaches classes for both the art history and fine arts programs. INSET: Gwen Urey, president of the California Faculty Association chapter at Pomona . Feeling thepain at Cal Poly Pomona Andrea Edwards has postponed grad- uation from Cal Poly Pomona — for the second time — because she can’t get the classes she needs. The 25-year-old stu- dent lives at home and takes care of her grandmother. She is unemployed and worries her financial aid will be cut be- fore she can graduate. The English major tried to enroll in a grammar course, but it was full. “Now I’ll have to wait until next year, because it’s only offered once or twice a year,” she sighs. “I’m very upset. I want to be- gin my career, but it seems impossible at the moment.” For the fall semester, California State University campuses cut class sections by 7 percent statewide and cut lecturers and part-time faculty by 17 percent over the previ- ous year. Classes are so crowded, say profes- sors , they can’t give students the attention they deserve. Ruben Vazquez, a third-year aerospace engineering major, is so frustrated that he orga- nized a protest. About 700 students participat- ed, along with some fac- ulty members who held a “teach-in” to educate others about the dire budget situation in California. “As a freshman, I was able to get the classes I needed,” says Vazquez, 20. “But 18 California Educator | MARCH 2010

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