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from the editor contributors One magical aspect of the wonderland that is L.A, is the subtlety of the change of seasons. As the nights grow longer and the evenings become slightly chilly, there's an excitement in the air that Halloween is on the way! Do you remember those fun-fi lled nights of trick-or-treating? Maybe you still participate today… As we celebrate the Autumnal Harvest, we asked a few of our contributors to refl ect back and answer the following question: With the Autumn season upon us, do you recall a favorite Halloween trick, or a particular Halloween treat, that brings back special memories? Laura Owens (Pg. 13) To be honest, I'm mostly over Halloween. If it came and went unnoticed, I'd be fi ne. After my daughter moved out of her cute princess stage when she let me hold her hand while we trick-or-treated, into wearing the Scream mask at 10 years old, Halloween lost its charm. I still love giving candy to little kids, but teens without a costume carrying a pillow case and grabbing a handful, just interrupt my night. I know, Halloween Scrooge. Growing up in Finland my idea of Halloween was based on the Halloween horror movies, since it wasn't celebrat- ed. The Finnish "Day of the Dead" is a serious and solemn event of visiting graves of loved ones. My fi rst Halloween celebration was in Ireland, where I learned that its name is the Gaelic "Samhain," originally a pagan festival celebrating the end of the harvest and the beginning of a new season. At this time of the year, the veil between dead and alive is the thinnest, and the Christians celebrated it as "All Hallows' Eve," hence later Halloween, as the festival was brought to the US by Irish and Scottish immigrants. Sari Sarlund (Pg. 27) My favorite Halloween memory was a few years back when I tricked my friend's children into eating more vegetables by making a scrump- tious orange and black stir-fry that featured grated carrots, hijiki seaweed, and black sesame seeds. It tasted as good as candy and captured the colors of the day perfectly. Meredith Klein (Pg. 16) I love that Halloween signifi es the slide from Summer to Fall. The change of seasons (even in sunny L.A.) is always beautiful. Night comes earlier, and the weather is crisper. Every year I make pumpkin bread for friends and family. More like a pumpkin pound cake, it is decedent and rich. Enjoyed with someone you love and a good cup of coffee — that's a memory I treasure and one I look forward to! Lisa Mouhibian (Pg. 22 ) Greetings Dearest Readers ~ How blessed are we that Autumn is upon us here in the South- land. As I write this, the trees outside of my offi ce window are ablaze with color. Incredible that we can be so close to the beach- es with their swaying palms, and still have gorgeous maples glis- tening with bright crimson and gold, reminiscent somewhat of the northeast or mid-Atlantic. It's part of what makes Los Angeles such a magical city! Palms on one block, pines on the next, others with luscious fruit trees and magnifi cent maples dotting the streets – Our clear blue skies and crisp, cool evenings make it a wonderful time of year to be in Southern California. Speaking of fruit trees and other edibles, did you know that LA offers a wealth of wild berries? Perfect for making treats! Check out the article in our City of Angels section. And what goes better with a freshly baked gluten-free pie, or- ganic tart, or other decedent pastry than a rich cup of coffee. Our writer explores the idea of biodynamic coffee farming and visits a few cafés here in town which feature this delicious concoction. Whether you like straight up coffee, lattes, or traditional ristret- to, LA offers options to enjoy. Much like a fi ne vino, coffee can surprise and delight with fl avors for your discerning palate. How about deep chocolate, caramel, or even peanut butter? As I write this, it's International Coffee Day, so why not indulge? While you are imbibing in the luminous fl avors of fi ne coffee, consider using that extra caffeine jolt and head out to some of the best stargazing around – in our local deserts. We have a ter- rifi c travel piece this month which shares easily drivable locations to see nature's nighttime wonders. Veteran's Day weekend in November marks the Third Annual Night Sky Festival in Joshua Tree. Admission is free and astronomers will be bringing super- powered telescopes for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Maybe you are in the mood to take a fl ight instead? How about considering the beautiful, artistic, and very vegetarian-friendly city of Montreal? Our northern neighbor offers art, culture, spas, and an amazing array of options for vegans, too. If you are in town in November, consider going to the Avalon theater on November 4th for Tusk After Dusk: Night of 1000 El- ephants. This charity gala event will raise awareness about the plight of wildlife in India. The evening will include celebrity speak- ers, vegan Indian fare, world-music musicians, and much more, all while assisting our 4-legged friends abroad. The wheel of the year turns, and as you know we lost a great friend and leader as Louise Hay made her transition late this Sum- mer. She was a mentor and an inspiration to millions. I had the great pleasure of meeting her several times and sharing brief conversations, mainly about the role of consciousness in media. Her work was profound and we sincerely appreciate the support of Hay House throughout all of these years. We are so grateful for the continuing support of all of our ad- vertisers. Please visit them and consider utilizing their services. And let them know you heard about them in Whole Life Times. We strive to be your leader in local conscious media. What else would you like to read about in this publication? This is our annual Good Food issue and we celebrate the har- vest. May yours be fi lled with fun, family, friendship, and abun- dance. Happy Halloween and Blessings for Thanksgiving. May you be abundant in all ways. With Love and Gratitude ~ 6 wholelifetimes.com

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