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torrancememorial.org PULSE | 11 H E A LT H L I N KS F iy years ago, the idea of delivering targeted radiation to treat cancers would have been nothing more than a dream. But thanks to a $1.5 million grant from the Henry L. Guenther Foundation, Torrance Memorial Medical Center is now able to spare healthy tissue in the treatment of aggressive cancers that would normally be treated with all-over radiation. Dr. yra Endicott, a radiation oncologist at Torrance Memorial, says the purchase of the TrueBeam™ radiation system three years ago allowed the oncolog y department to begin offering treatments like stereotactic radiosurgery, which delivers specifically targeted radiation in fewer doses, allowing doctors to spare the healthy tissue that might be permanently damaged with normal radiation therapy. TrueBeam™ has replaced all other types of radiation at Torrance Memorial, and now patients who are diagnosed with cancers that require radiation therapy are automatically treated with the targeted system. In addition to the radiation beam, Torrance Memorial received the Calypso, a system that allows tracking of the beam to ensure even higher accuracy. While the TrueBeam™ system is generally used for cancer, it's occasionally used for benign tumors, like keloids—small, hard growths on the skin that form with excess scar tissue—but usually only when they are extremely painful or disfiguring. Dr. Endicott notes the system is used to treat any kind of cancer, including lung, breast, prostate and esophageal cancer. While the targeted radiation therapy has increased effectiveness for treatment of all types of cancer, Dr. Endicott adds it has increased the margin of normal tissue retained in the treatment of prostate cancer, as well as tumors in the brain and around the eyes. "Radiation is really best for targeting smaller areas. Chemo or immunotherapy is used all over the body," Dr. Endicott explains. "e TrueBeam™ helps us make our target very precise and spare more normal tissue than we used to." TARGET ON CANCER TREATMENT WRITTEN BY REBECCAH GLASER SOUTH BAY'S BEST HONORS For the ninth consecutive year, Torrance Memorial Medical Center was selected by Daily Breeze readers in the "Best Hospital" category of the South Bay's Best Awards annual survey. THIPA and the Torrance Memorial Physician Network were also named "Best Medical Group." Torrance Memorial Urgent Care, Pharmacy and HealthLinks were named South Bay's Favorites. Representatives from the publications' parent company, Los Angeles News Group, formally presented the awards to President and CEO Craig Leach and staff during a ceremony. Torrance Memorial wishes to thank our community for voting and the Torrance Memorial staff for continually providing a high level of care worthy of our community's vote.

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