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128  /  the tasting panel  /  august 2017 128 /  the tasting panel / august 2017 128  /  the tasting panel  /  august 2017 CATEGORY REPORT Revolutionary Drinking: GUILLOTINE VODKA During the summer of 1789, when a Parisian mob stormed the Bastille, the rising tensions between the classes came to a breaking point and the French Revolution began. It abolished the privileges of noble birth, and more evenly divided wealth and land among the people of the country. Much of how modern-day France operates can be traced back to this era of change. The people fighting for the revolution saw the guillotine, one of the most prominent symbols of this period, as a great avenger or equalizer—one that led France into new territories and toward a better future. In line with this notion, Paul Berkmann, Chairman of parent company Bastille Day, and Cellar Master Jean-Luc Braud sought to create a vodka that was both trailblazing and distinctly French. For the base of Guillotine Vodka, they looked to one of the most iconic French ingredi- ents: wine grapes. Made with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes from vineyards in Aÿ, one of the largest villages in Champagne, Guillotine ferments before slowly distilling at a 100-year-old distillery. This spirit then makes its way to the Île-de-France region, where aged expression Guillotine Héritage Collection rests in Limousin oak barrels and both vodkas find their way into French-made bottles. Just like the revolutionaries of yesteryear, Guillotine won't compro- mise. It uses only natural ingredients, with no preservatives, chemical flavorings or coloring agents. With this vodka, you can start your own revolution, no storming of the Bastille required. BASTILLE DAY Tasting Notes Guillotine Vodka Révolutionnaire This vodka offers up a most delicate scent of licorice and coffee bean. The lightness on the palate almost feels weightless, with a touch of salt-kissed toffee. Ethereal and pretty. 93 —Meridith May Guillotine Vodka Héritage Collection Vodka Révolutionnaire Its amber hue is stunning. On the nose, we pick up Mandarin orange, but- terscotch and peach. Willowy and feminine on the palate, spiced cinnamon, black tea and a range of citrus notes. 94 —M. M.

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