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6 The Costume Designer Summer 2017 CONTRIBUTORS CHRISTINE COVER FERRO (Marvelous Designer) As much as the richness and texture of Boho appeals, the simplicity of Mod, the clean lines, the bold colors, is where my heart lies. MARCY FROEHLICH (History of Dress, Text) I adored the mini! I felt so mod- ern and I envisioned myself in the fashionable windows on Carnaby Street. Although it was tricky sitting on a bus without revealing what was underneath, I vowed I'd never wear the maxi. Well, that vow went by the wayside, as now I prefer ethnic embroidery and full-tiered longer skirts for that bohemian, comfortable look. ROBIN RICHESSON (History of Dress, Illustrator) I've had no real allegiance to either, but I do recall being really attracted to very ornate decora- tive things (especially Victorian things) when I was younger, and then later, going for bold color block and geometric styles as I got older. Maybe that's a natural progression? Now—mix it all together, I say! BONNIE NIPAR (Boldface Names) Inspired by Twiggy's Mod look of the latter '60s, I chopped off my long locks into her famous asymmet- rical do, donned two pairs of eyelashes with winged liner, and wore mini A-line dresses in bright, geometric pop prints accessorized with large plastic earrings and go-go boots in every color. Over the years, I dropped the miniskirts, but my love for wearing boots became my signature look. STACY ELLEN RICH (Boldface Names) I have donned a myriad of decades, and I think I always will. As a teen, I loved my mod/ beat generation period: asym- metrical bob, Revlon mauve on white lipstick, all-black ensemble complete with china flats and large pendulum-like earrings and necklaces. I still love the all-black and the large statement jewelry. With my new platinum blonde, deep bang do, plus mineral and large jewel- ry (that I have been designing and casting myself), I may be a Modhemian? Mod or Boho? Share your allegiance. A&D Wholesale Vintage Clothing LLC 3501 Union Pacific Ave., LA, CA 90023 (310) 701-5126 Email: High Quality Handpicked Vintage Clothing at Wholesale Prices Wardrobe for All Ages and Eras - Restocked Weekly Serving Designers, Stylists and Studio Personnel (By Appointment Only) Never Open to the Public

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