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Summer 2017 The Costume Designer 5 EDITOR'S NOTE This issue's theme is Television: Where Anything Is Possible. It sounds like a sweeping overstatement, but in actuality, the truth is stranger than fiction—and in this instance, more marvelous. From ancient Norse gods reimagined in the future, to shows so historically accu- rate that the audience doesn't question which costumes are real, to a vision of modern day so heightened and appealing that it has an escapist delight—the scope of Costume Design in television, coupled with the pace at which it is produced, has reached a fever pitch. The only thing you can be certain of is that you will be astonished. Just a decade ago, if you had said this level of finesse, which has always been associated with feature films, would be the standard on television, it's doubtful anyone would have believed you. Then there was Patricia Field with Sex in the City, April Ferry with Rome, and Janie Bryant with Mad Men, all game changers for Costume Design, because Pat, April, and Janie showed not only was the audience paying attention, but also that their appetite for great costumes is insatiable. To create disparate worlds on such a demanding schedule seems like a magic trick, which brings us to this year's Emmy-nominated designers. The breadth of their work and the virtuoso skill and talent they bring to each pro- duction and wildly different design problem is breathtaking. They share their thoughts on the role of technology in this changing landscape. While the art of creating a costume is based on old technologies like sewing and millinery, it is inspiring to hear how Costume Designers have embraced the new without discarding the past. Tom Broecker of Saturday Night Live fame says that he and codesigner Eric Justian still rely on haute couture techniques for their wizardry. I believe this unlikely marriage of old and the new, collide in Costume Design to lend a certain vitality. On another platform, the CDG is launching the Legacy Video Series to celebrate your work behind the scenes. As new videos will be coming weekly, tune in to see what your colleagues have to say and join in the conversation. We are hoping to interview many of you over the next few years. Visit our website to see the latest pieces. Thank you to the designers who have agreed to be filmed; it has been a joy to see your stories take on a life of their own. To all of the contributors who make this magazine possible with their time and expertise throughout the year: Bonnie Nipar, Christine Cover Ferro, Marcy Froehlich, Robin Richesson, and Stacy Ellen Rich. I am so grateful for all your support. And a special thank-you for the bold brushstrokes and vivid palette of Rosi Gabl, who lent her artistry and whimsy to the summer cover. Anything may be possible, but this possibility is made real by all of you, every day, in your costume departments, with your teams. You bridge the gap between the description on the page and its life on the screen, between the clothes and the character. Anna Wyckoff EDITOR IN CHIEF Anna Wyckoff ASSOCIATE EDITORS Bonnie Nipar Christine Cover Ferro PRESIDENT Salvador Perez VICE PRESIDENT Cate Adair SECRETARY Ivy Thaide TREASURER Nanrose Buchman EXECUTIVE BOARD Mary Vogt Christopher Lawrence Julie Weiss Mona May Phillip Boutté Jr. Costume Illustrators Representative Kristine Haag ACD Representative LABOR REPRESENTATIVES Betty Madden Sharon Day BOARD ALTERNATES Kristin Burke Jennifer Soulages Lyn Paolo Terry Gordon BOARD OF TRUSTEES Jacqueline Saint Anne Cliff Chally Barbara Inglehart ALTERNATE TRUSTEE Dorothy Amos EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Rachael M. Stanley ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Brigitta Romanov MEMBER SERVICES ADMINISTRATOR Suzanne Huntington RECEPTIONIST/SECRETARY Cecilia Granados PUBLISHER IngleDodd Media ADVERTISING 310.207.4410

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