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Summer 2017 The Costume Designer 29 It was amazing on this trip for me to see the craftsmanship that still exists at Laboratorio Pieroni. They showed us how they make the hats, it is for lack of a better word, so analog. The guy was making them with his fingers and wet cloth that he warmed up on a heavy iron—like there was nothing to it. In two minutes, there was a beauti- ful hat. I filmed it because we often need to reshape a hat for a period movie and you always think you have to have a mold and a head but you don't. It was a fairly small shop. They had maybe 10, 15 people there, but they could produce hundreds of hats. Then we went to Rocchetti Parrucche and saw the incredible wigs they can make. There were rooms of sculptures made out of hair. It was incredible. But the highlight was meeting Dante Ferretti, the famed costume and production designer. He was shooting at the same stage where he did Rome. When we met him, we were in awe. My Italy trip was really spectacular! I truly enjoyed meeting other filmmak- ers from around the world. Our lovely group included creative designers, directors, and producers from France, Spain, Austria, and Portugal. We got to see a number of fantastic costume rental shops that have pieces dating back to the beginning of time. Costumi d'arte and Tirelli Costumi, SPA were definitely the highlights of the trip where we got to see Elizabeth Taylor's costumes from Cleopatra, and we ran into Michael Wilkinson who was prepping The Current War. We also visited a fabulous Italian prop house by the name of E. Rancati, which was a treasure-trove of vintage and antique props and set dressing. Plus, they had an amazing quantity of suits of armor from different periods and countries. Lastly, we visited a hat maker called Laboratorio Pieroni, which was like stepping back into the early 1900s. To see all those hat molds from the last few centuries being saved and used was a true joy. It is so good to know that there are true craftsmen that are keeping the art and tradition of making authentic costumes, accessories, and props alive today. Sanja Hays . Jill Ohanneson . ITA L I A N V I S IT Photos: Sanja Hays Each year, the Italian Film Commission takes a delegation of film industry professionals to tour iconic production resources in Rome. This year Costume Designers Sanja Hays and Jill Ohanneson were honored to be hosted and share their experience.

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