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Summer 2017 The Costume Designer 27 Outstanding Costumes for a Variety, Nonfiction or Reality Program Dancing with the Stars Halloween Night Daniela Gschwendtner Our best friend is really the iPad. We have to be mobile and meet people in various locations, so it's super helpful to do research and show pics that way. On the other hand, I personally still like to sketch out everything on paper. It's a bit old-fashioned, but fast and easy. So for now, paper, pencil, and eraser are friends as well. The real design work is normally done after we sketch out a basic idea anyway. Steven Norman Lee Costume Supervisor: Howard Sussman Assistant Designers: Polina Roytman and Katrina Torrico With the quick turnaround of our show, we are often on location in various rehearsal spaces trying to design the costumes each week. The iPad allows us to be portable and travel-friendly. It's helpful to have a device we can use to quickly look up research and create visual mood/costume boards. Recently, I got the new iPad Pro with the iPad Pencil, and I'm taking time to start learn- ing illustration apps that will allow me to sketch directly on the iPad. With this app and pencil, I can change a color on the sketch instantly, edit a costume sketch without redrawing, scan a fab- ric pattern, create painting effects that simulate watercolors, oils, airbrush and acrylics, or just create a simple graphite pencil cos- tume sketch. The best part of this: it's ALL possible and created on a compact, portable iPad. Saturday Night Live Host: Emily Blunt Tom Broecker It's funny for a show like Satur- day Night Live which prides it- self on being very current with its political humor and ripped- from-the-headlines events, we in the Costume Design department use very old-school couture tech- niques to create our costumes. Whether we are re-creating the suit Hillary Clinton wore in one of her debates or the four-year- old beaded jacket Sarah Palin wore to announce a Trump vic- tory, most of the costumes are individually hand sewn by our amazing technicians in the cos- tume shop. Their skill is some- thing that cannot be replaced by new technology. Eric Justian Although maybe the most obvi- ous choice, the internet has been a game-changer for designing Saturday Night Live. Shopping resources in New York don't feel as varied as they did when I start- ed with the show in the nineties. Shopping online is perfect for our short three-day production period. We now have vendors and rental houses all over the country that work with our up- to-the-last-minute orders. Also, it is hard to imagine we once designed the show without the endless research and character inspiration found online.

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