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Summer 2017 The Costume Designer 19 A s editor in chief of The Costume Designer, I am in a con- stant conversation with our members about their work. It is my mission and hope to share these observations with the broadest audience possible for the education, enlightenment, and inspiration of our readers. It took a few years for me to realize how remarkable this dialogue can be. Your candor, enthusiasm, anecdotes from the road, and insights into the field open a window into the world of Costume Design which has disarmed me, wowed me, and made me laugh. From Julie Vogel conjuring an astronaut costume on deadline from an embroidery hoop, Van Ramsey feeling like he was being held captive sketching in a hotel room, or Robert Fletcher experiencing success with everything he happened to try, it occurred to me that there was no single way to fully communi- cate this wealth of information. Nor was it possible to completely convey the subtlety of how those ideas were expressed—the twist of the head, the hand gesture punctuating a thought—in a way that says so much more than words. It was at this time I imagined producing videos that comprised an oral history for our Guild, an archive accessible to members and the public that could inspire colleagues and future designers, from Wichita to Wellington. After receiving the blessing of the Executive Board, the proj- ect gained momentum over the past year. Crucially, we received the backing of our first two sponsors: Beverly Center and Western Costume. Thanks to their support, we are building what promises to be an extensive library of videos, profiling members. A short interview cannot capture the breath of a career or even the scope of one project, but I feel the truth and immediacy of your words has power to give a far greater understanding of what Costume Design is. I hope to continue the conversation with you throughout the course of your career to reflect upon where you have come from, and where you would like to go. I am honored to connect our members to our audience through their own words, and to more fully express the art of Costume Design. To view our Legacy Videos, please visit For additional videos from the CDG, please look for The Costume Designers Guild on YouTube. The Legacy Video ANNOUNCING Series By Anna Wyckoff Costume Designer Mary Zophres being interviewed by Anna Wyckoff at the 19th CDG Awards. Cameraman Myles Beeson.

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