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Summer 2017

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Summer 2017 The Costume Designer 17 put together for their favorite characters on Jane the Virgin, but she also uses it to engage with them in a broader sense. "I love to do fun projects in my free time. For example, I did a story showing modernized looks from the 1920s to 1990s. I put together five head-to-toe looks for each decade and published a decade a day for eight days. I can't tell you how enjoyable this was for me. Plus, there are 'Dress Me' pack- ages. I was paid to put together ideas for a young woman going to a work event." "Dress Me" packages connect Costume Designers direct- ly with clients looking for a new look. When a law student had a special event, she contacted Kunin. She put together an outfit, sent it to the student, and collected a consulting fee. "The possibilities are endless here," Kunin says of the experience. Where is it going? Rasi has already partnered with Telus Communications to embed Nelo technology in all their cable TV boxes. He has his eye on expanding into additional providers like Apple TV, Google TV, Verizon, and Comcast. As more corporations come onboard, audiences will have access to another level of added content and bonus materials that so many crave. He feels Nelo can be the bridge that links the audience to Costume Designers directly through the shows they create. As the community grows, so will the outreach to tele- communication companies and internet providers. The economics of the 21st century are shifting, and Nelo is posi- tioned to put Costume Designers into the marketplace in a way that is inevitable. As audiences grow more and more accustomed to actively engaging with what they see, Nelo can give Costume Designers a platform from which to reap the benefits of their designs and secure their position in that ever-expanding marketplace.

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