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Summer 2017

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Summer 2017 The Costume Designer 13 LABOR REPORT UNION LABEL More than 670 delegates attended the 68th Quadrennial Convention. The theme, Growth = Strength, was support- ed in reports and training sessions. Each delegate was assigned to a committee. For the District II Convention, I served on the Activist Committee, and for the International, I served on the Election Committee. Personally, I was most impressed and pleased by the Women's Committee event that presented the career stories of fi ve IATSE women and their major contribution to the growth and strength of the IATSE. Persist and Resist: As Costume Designers, we must be aware of ego-driven moments that can lead to unreasonable behavior among costume team members. Instead of thinking, "I am the Costume Designer. The costume department answers to me." The Costume Designer must persist and resist the pressures of the job in order to preserve civic, civil, cre- ative attitudes, and behavior within the costume team and in the costume department. Instead, one has to keep in mind that as the Costume Designer, it is your responsibil- ity to be the role model to those you have selected as your costume team. It is also an opportunity to keep a cool head and use kind, well-spoken words during a contro- versy and in the heat of the moment to achieve the design objective in the workroom, in the costume department, on the set, in the fitting room, and on shopping runs. The Costume Designer sets the tone for the costume depart- ment. It is important to decide, "I, the Costume Designer, must be the change I want to see." Dare to be Bold: It is no easy task for any Costume Designer to achieve the magical results of design, from sketch to fi nished costume, in our fast-paced, high-pressure industry. The more focus the Costume Designer places on expressing the design image to the costume team and their willingness to allow the talents of the costume team to be expressed, the better the resulting magic of Costume Design will be. Trusting the universe to be a key player and a part of the costume team results in amazing magical costume artistry that bears the Costume Designer's name. (T.E.A.M.) Together, Empower, Action, to create Magic. In solidarity, Betty Madden DEEP DISCOUNTS FOR CDG MEMBERS Stand Out!

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