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4 PRESIDENT FROM THE PRESIDENT LOCAL LOCAL BUSINESS REPORT FROM THE SECRETARY-TREASURER LETTERS LETTERS TO THE ARTISAN EVENTS CALENDAR OF EVENTS THEATER THEATER NEWS NEWS EXTENDED FAMILY NEWS LOOKS LAST LOOKS NEWS HEALTH AND WELFARE NEWS CREW CREW SHOTS CREDITS PHOTO CREDITS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS AND SHADOWS EDUCATION EDUCATION GUILD GUILD NEWS Periodically, our members will read something in our Local 706 minutes from meetings that pertain to the Entertainment Union Coalition (EUC) or the California IATSE Council (CIC), and wonder what it is. The EUC was the workhorse coalition comprised of the IATSE, Teamsters, DGA, SAG/AFTRA that was the strength behind AB 1839, the California Film and Television Tax Incentive. We enlisted the support of numerous other unions and both the California Labor Federation and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, along with businesses across the state. Most of all, our own members from the IATSE joined in the push to get it done with letter writing and visits to their own legislators in Sacramento. The California Assembly members and Senators finally woke up and realized how many jobs had been lost. It was the birth of IA members (and especially, Local 706 members) being politically active for a cause to benefit everyone. With the success of the tax incentive, the IA locals in California decided to form the California IATSE Council to deal with governmental issues, specifically pertaining to the interests of IATSE members. A group of IA business reps recently traveled to Sacramento in support of SB 17, authored by Sen. Ed Hernandez to enact legislation to require pharmaceutical companies to give advance warning to consumers when they are going to raise prices. We brought personal stories from our members who have been sur- prised (and not in a good way) to find out their asthma inhalers, EPI pens, diabetic insulin and numerous other medications have risen dramatically and they have had no way to prepare for the cost increase. Our retirees have cut back on necessary medications, sometimes cutting the dosage in half in order to afford it. We were quite successful, and even changed the mind of a couple of Assembly members who voted in favor of the bill, when they had earlier said they would not. The well-dressed pharmaceutical lobbyists lost to the union members with real-live stories. The bill will go through another committee later in the summer. If you have been affected by this problem and would like to lend your support, please let your legislators know. A new Assembly bill has been introduced that could (note the word could) affect some of our members (and vendors) who produce professional cosmetics. Please read carefully, it specifically pertains only to those who produce professional cosmetics that require a license. Existing federal law does not regulate professional cosmetics in the same manner as cosmetics sold to consumers. Information on the ingredients in professional salon products is essential to ensuring that workers and owners can make safer product choices and take steps to protect themselves and their customers against harmful exposures. Section 110371 is added to the Health and Safety Code, to read: (a) A professional cosmetic manufactured on or after July 1, 2019, for in this state shall have a label affixed on the container that satisfies all of the labeling requirements required for any other cosmetic pursuant to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. Sec. 301, et seq.), and the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (15 U.S.C. Sec. 1451, et seq.). (b) The following definitions shall apply to this section: (1) "Ingredient" has the same meaning as in Section 111791.5. (2) "Professional" means a person that has been granted a license by the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology to practice in the field of cosmetology, nail care, barbering, or esthetics. (3) "Professional cosmetic" means a cosmetic product as it is defined in Section 109900 that is intended or marketed to be used only by a professional on account of a specific ingredient, increased concentra- tion of an ingredient, or other quality that requires safe handling, or is otherwise used by a professional. While this may not seem like it affects us, we all know how cancer and other diseases have affected so many in our industry, and hair stylists and nail technicians in salons. This bill gives the user of the pro- fessional products the ability to make decisions whether or not to use them. Information and education are powerful tools. When this bill came to our attention (thank you USA829 and Local 798), the CIC decided it would be beneficial to members, especially Local 706 for the future of their health. We will be going forward with the advocacy and personal stories of Local 706 members whose health has been compromised because they were not aware of certain ingredients in the product. The California IATSE Council is your champion, your advo- cate and your spokespeople in Sacramento, and to quote MPTF, "We are taking care of our own." SuSan Cabral-EbErt President Supervising Editor JEff angEll Contributing Writers SuSan Cabral-EbErt tommy ColE randy SayEr Publisher InglEdodd mEdIa Office Manager Kathy SaIn Mailing List Manager dIanE burnS The Artisan is published quarterly by Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists, I.A.T.S.E. Local 706, 828 No. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505 Phone (818) 295-3933. Fax 818-295-3930 All editorial and photo submissions should be sent to email address: susan@ialocal706.org Advertising: IngleDodd Media (310) 207-4410 muahs@IngleDodd.com www.IngleDoddMedia.com Officers of I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 President Susan Cabral-Ebert Vice President Julie Socash Recording Secretary Vanessa Dionne Secretary-Treasurer John E. Jackson Sergeant-at-Arms Barbara Dally Business Representative Tommy Cole Official Magazine of Hollywood Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists. Published in the Interest of ALL the Members of Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists I.A.T.S.E. Local 706

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