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The Lost City of Z follows the journey of Percy Fawcett's three decades' quest to discover a lost civilization in the Amazon. The James Gray film stars Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller and Robert Pattinson. Behind the star power, and rather right in front of your face, the make-up and hair on the screen presented challenges that proved to be a rewarding experience. Even with all modern advance- ments in technology and hair and make-up, the conditions demanded a back-to-the-basics approach. As Department Head of hair and make-up, I was tasked with ageing the main cast—a trio of hand- some and beautiful actors in their 30s. Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller and Robert Pattinson aged into their 50s with grace and without the use of CGI in post production. Charlie's 20s look was wonder- ful. We first see Charlie's character, Percy Fawcett, in his early 20s. To capture the 1900s period look, we created a short back and sides military image. It was longer at the top with slicked backs at the sides. I created this with John Masters Pomade. I would use a hot facial curling tongue and a product (ironi- cally named) Percy Fawcett Moustache Wax, made from a natural bees wax mixed with essential oils, kept the moustache stiff and cut out on the side. A very light-tinted moisturiser was used to made him appear slightly pale. Charlie's 30s and jungle look were created as he entered the jungle. His facial hair was allowed to grow, hair was slicked back of his face, a tan was applied with a Chanel bronzing cream and light airbrush spray with by Terry Tea stain-bronzing liquids. Charlie's ageing look was challenging. After speaking to James Gray and Anthony Katagas, our amazing director and producer, in the early stages, we looked and tested different avenues for the ageing progress. In pre-production, we explored using prothetic pieces around the eyes and the jaw. My special effects and prosthetics specialist, Kristyan Mullett, created prosthetic silicon pieces. We were working in really hot conditions. I knew we would go in a guerrilla crew and travel by a small wooden boat up the river and hike through the jungle. This meant that any complicated sensi- tive silicon pieces would be hard to maintain in the humidity and heat. We decided to opt for the old- fashioned way of old stipple latex, painting high- lights and shadowing. We created microscopic fine lines and old-age blemishes. Charlie's skin was prepared with Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion before applying multiple latex layers on his face and neck and hands. Bluebird Old Age latex is a great product for this and we used Ewan McGregor Photos © 2016 by Aidan Monaghan, courtesy of Amazon Studios and Bleecker Street 29

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