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15 THEATER THEATER NEWS NEWS EXTENDED FAMILY NEWS LOOKS LAST LOOKS NEWS HEALTH AND WELFARE NEWS CREW CREW SHOTS CREDITS PHOTO CREDITS EDUCATION EDUCATION NEWS GUILD GUILD NEWS by Randy SayeR Assistant to the Business Representative I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 "This & That…" Stewardship " Leadership is not the ability to lead, it is the responsibility to lead…" –Susan Stone, San Francisco Regional Steward The union steward (also known as a "shop steward") is the cor- nerstone of the labor movement; a regular employee/union member who 'steps up to the plate' and vol- unteers—or is elected—to become a link and source of information between the union local, the rank- and-file membership and management. Stewards are "the eyes and ears of the union local." The duties of a union steward include: • monitoring and enforcing the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (the contract) • representing members at interviews and disciplinary meetings with the employer; this is our 'Weingarten Rights' in action! • representing members in a grieveable action against the employer; this begins the grievance process • communicating union policies, memos and directives to members • promoting and encouraging union consciousness and values in the workplace, often by example This is what makes a "strong union workforce." 'Strength' is not about one Business Representative monitoring 2,000 members at more than 100 venues; it is about each and every member (at each and every workplace) becoming an active partner in the process! Without our members know- ing the contract, calling in infractions and grievances, keep- ing the local informed—and without a few of our union brothers and sisters accepting the responsibility of being a union steward—we are dead in the water as a union. I value and rely on our stewards' input; I communicate with them monthly, weekly and sometimes daily; they are the backbone of this union, of our Guild. Attention Theater and Regional Theater Members! Nearly every theater contract provides for the election of a steward: "Each call under this Agreement requiring two (2) or more Employees, excluding the Department Head, shall have one (1) of these Employees designated as the Steward…" Elect/choose a steward from amongst your crew on the first day of each season, and notify the local—it could not be any easier! Brandi Strona is the crew foreman for the Los Angeles Opera, as well as the steward; Brandi is consistently remarkable at upholding the contract, making Attention Disneyland Theme Park Hair Stylists! We have positions open for five (5) Disneyland interim stew- ards! Stewards attend our monthly Steward Management Meetings and will be invited to sit at the negotiating table during our next contract negotiations. Contact me for details, and I will ask you to send me a short email about why you feel that you would be an asset to our Theme Park members. Our current Disneyland stewards are Kathleen Brown-Zablan and Bonnie Deal. Kelly Faust is currently our interim steward. However, with more than 100 members working around the clock over two parks on a 500-acre property, we need more eagle eyes and mouse ears.

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