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TOP TWEET @swalwellforca15 The Californian worker is no fool and will see Prop 32 is an attempt to roll back workers' rights to the 19th century. MOST POPULAR FACEBOOK POST CAMPAIGN 2012 NEWS PROPOSITION 32 – POWER PLAY DESERVES A 'NO' VOTE The Sacramento Bee ( – PROP. 32 A SHAM, DESERVES TO LOSE IN NOV. 6 ELECTION Ventura County Star ( 557 likes 14 comments MORE TOP TWEETS @richardroeper It's become fashionable for some to demonize teachers, but the ones I know are incredibly dedicated. @naomiaklein Chicago teachers strike is an amazing example of 'shock resistance' — fighting Rahm's attempt to use a trumped up crisis to bust unions. FAVORITE COMMENTS Mary Loughran Silva | Sept 18 Poverty does make a difference and teachers are not giving up on kids when we state the obvious. It is not humanly possible in the school day to make up for the missing experiences, zero support systems or lack of schema that children living in poverty have to overcome. How can these kids come from behind and somehow end up at the same place as students who come to school well- nourished and supported? Mark Naison | Sept 12 Can Michelle Rhee lead 50,000 people through the streets of Chicago? Bill Gates? Arne Duncan? Jonah Edelman? Hell no! But Karen Lewis can! And that's the message that needs to go out to teachers around the country! We are not condemned to be passive victims of Corporate Ed Reformers! United, we have the power to fight back and defend our students from policies that will deaden their minds, weaken their bodies and make them hate school! VIRAL VIDEO Who is funding Prop. 32? This TV ad points out that the people who are funding Proposition 32 are the same corporate special interests that it exempts. It's not what it seems. October 2012 5 FAMILIES HELP REV KIDS' ENGINES! Now that the school season is going full speed, parents and guardians can jump on board their kids' learning wagon and help them get ahead with CTA's Family Involvement resources. BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH Grammy-winning singer Michael McDonald of The Doobie Brothers joins CTA and the Cancer Prevention Institute of California in stressing the importance of cancer prevention. 115 shares Editorials statewide join us in urging YES on 30 and NO on 32. What about CTA's other recommendations? Check "Where We Stand" to learn about Propositions 31, 35 and 40. ONLINE WHAT'S NEW AT CTA.ORG

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