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2012 VOTER GUIDE | PULL OUT AND VOTE 2012 GUIDE TO BALLOT INITIATIVES Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Proposition 30 is the only initiative that stops the cuts to education and public safety and helps pay down the state's massive deficit. It temporarily raises income taxes on the wealthiest in California and puts new revenue for schools in a special fund Sacramento politicians can't touch. It provides strict accountability requirements and annual audits to ensure money gets to local schools. Failure to pass Prop. 30 would mean $6 billion in immediate new cuts to schools and colleges. YES ON PROP. 30 NO ON PROP. 31 Spending Cap Proposition 31, put on the ballot primarily by business interests, imposes an artificial spending cap on state programs by placing "pay-as-you-go" restrictions on the state budget, locking school funding into current dismal levels. It grants the governor unilateral authority to cut state programs during fiscal emergencies. NO ON PROP. 32 Special Exemptions It's not what it seems. This deceptive measure claims to be about stopping special interest money in politics, but it actually prevents educators and other union members from having a voice, while its special exemptions allow Super PACs, corporate special interests and billionaires to spend unlimited amounts on campaigns and politics. Tougher Penalties for Sex Traffickers Proposition 35, sponsored by Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE), increases penalties for human traffickers, requires convicted sex traffickers to register as sex offenders, requires sex offenders to disclose their Internet accounts, and requires criminal fees from traffickers to pay for services to help victims. YES ON PROP. 35 State Senate Redistricting This is a referendum on the newly drawn Senate district lines adopted by the State Redistricting Commission. A yes vote maintains those lines and stops a misguided attempt by a small group of Senate Republican leaders to have them rescinded. YES ON PROP. 40 24 California Educator October 2012

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