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Spring 2017

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8 The Costume Designer Spring 2017 The 19th CDG Awards were another huge success, it has really become a Hollywood awards season favorite, an evening where we can come together and celebrate the art of Costume Design and catch up with each other. I loved hearing Career Achievement honoree Jeffrey Kurland's stories of his life on set, and finding out that his fellow Costume Designer, Ellen Mirojnick, introduced him to his wife via a vendor. It really shows you that our work and personal lives can intersect beautifully. We are already planning next year's 20th anniversary gala—it will be fantastic. We just hosted the CDG Legacy Luncheon at our CDG building. It is so wonderful to be able to celebrate the careers of Costume Designer Rosanna Norton and costume illustrator Haleen Holt, two legendary CDG members whose careers have inspired us all. We held the first Costume Designer, ACD, illustrator "Speed Interviews" to a crowd of 100 mem- bers. It was a wonderful opportunity for members to meet each other and share résumés in advance of a job. Kudos to CDG Board members Ivy Thaide and Kristine Haag for organizing the event. We hope to host these a couple times a year to connect our members. Our magazine cover girl and CDG Vice President Cate Adair celebrates the wave of modern Westerns hitting the airwaves, with shows like The Son and Westworld, Westerns have always been a part of Hollywood, and it's wonderful to see the art form is still vibrant and continuing the tradition. We are putting the finishing touches on our new CDG building. Our signage is up and the land- scaping is being finished. We are looking forward to many events at our home away from home, including the Locals 892/705 Mixer, education classes, and we are planning some movie nights this summer. It's been a lot of work, but we are very proud of what we have accomplished for the members. I hope you all stop by the CDG office if you haven't seen it yet. I spent the last few months in Atlanta, Georgia, Costume Designing Pitch Perfect 3. There was so much work there, it was hard to get a crew. I was able to bring Local 892 illustrator Gina Flanagan and Local 705 supervisor Lisa Coffey to the project with me. I was lucky to have an amazing group of Atlanta costumers work with us, too. But, I hope they increase the California Film Tax Credit so we can continue working here at home. I am about to start the sixth and final season of The Mindy Project. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in Los Angeles over the last five years. It's great to see work returning to Hollywood. There is a lot of work out there and it will be nice to have a level playing field for everyone. In solidarity, Salvador Perez PRESIDENT'S LETTER UNION LABEL Haleen Holt, President Salvador Perez, and Rosanna Norton at the Legacy Luncheon.

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