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After a couple of weeks of R&R, Buck was back at it in Los Angeles, mixing the 20th Century Fox half-hour com- edy pilot Type A, starring Eva Longoria. Once again, Cole Bluma boomed the show. This time, Christopher Siverman handled the util- ity duties. Finishing that, the trio of Robinson, Bluma, and Silverman contin- ued on to do another half-hour comedy pilot, Hannah Royce's Questionable Choices, which wrapped the middle of April. After a week off, Buck, Cole, and Chris are starting Season 2 of the Hugh Laurie drama series Chance for Hulu, which relo- cated from San Francisco to Los Angeles this year. Karol Urban CAS MPSE and Ross Davis are finishing up Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy for ABC. Additionally, Karol Urban mixed the Netflix original feature #realityhigh and is excited to hear another feature she finished for Sundance in December, Band Aid, has been picked up by IFC. Tod Maitland CAS, Mike Scott, and Jerry Yuen ended two films that were honestly wonderful: Snatched, with Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn in the jungle in Hawaii—how bad can that be? And The Greatest Showman, a big musical chronicling PT Barnum in 1850s New York, directed by the nicest, most talented first-time director he's ever worked with, and star- ring Hugh Jackman (truly the nicest man in showbiz). This all coupled that with two of the songwriters from La La Land and The Freedom. They built out live sound around the music tracks making it sound "real." A great experience all around! Both films were masterfully crafted by very experienced crews, but the true experience came from something very simple—being treated as a part of the creative process— the way we used to be treated—not just as expendable cogs in a wheel. It was a wonderful feeling that reminded Tod of what this whole business meant and means to him. He gives a good portion of credit to producer Don Lee, who X." Steve, Vince, and Dennis will also return for a fifth season on TNT's Major Crimes. Fred Ginsburg CAS PhD will once again be part of the Audio Technica booth during NAB 2017 in Las Vegas to answer questions about production sound and to provide hands-on instruc- tion. Sound Devices, K-Tek, and Rycote have all provided demo equipment for the sound cart. During March, Fred (who currently teaches audio at Cal State University Northridge) was invited to guest lecture at the film department at UNLV. Earlier this year, Fred purchased a property in Las Vegas and has set up a satellite office since he is in Vegas so often on business. The house is named "Sage Manor" in memory of his first dog. Kevin Sands CAS had a big day on the set of Unreal 3 last month. Ian Tarasof joined him to mix along with Steve Hooper on boom, Andy Bishop and Dillon Bochon on wires. We recorded a 9½-page oner that lasted 13 minutes over multiple sets that featured 14 speak- ing characters. It was a blast. Beau Baker CAS finished his 12th season of Grey's Anatomy, with Derrick Cloud and Bryan Mendoza. Now he is onto Season 2 of One Mississippi. As always, thanks to the 2nd unit people, among them, Steve Morantz CAS, James Clark, and Steve Morrow CAS. A very busy 2016 has drifted into a promising 2017 for Buck Robinson CAS. He traveled to Pittsburgh this past May to mix the new David Fincher series Mindhunter for Netflix. In typical Fincher fashion, the 140-day schedule grew to 174 days of shooting, with Robinson not returning to Los Angeles until the end of February 2017. Los Angeles boom operator Cole Bluma accompanied him, with Pittsburgh local Jason Jouver filling the sound utility spot. Additional utility work was performed by another local, Kelly Roofner. Associate CAS member Tim Song Jones is booming on the new Fox pilot called Behind Enemy Lines. The show was mixed by Robert Janiger and the utility sound technician was Rocky Quiroz. Frank Morrone CAS and Ken Burton CAS are mixing Criminal Minds at Technicolor. Frank Morrone and Colette Dahanne CAS are mixing The Good Fight at Technicolor. Mark Rozett CAS recently completed the dub on the Netflix miniseries Five Came Back for Amblin Entertainment. He then put the finishing touches on Dare to Be Different, an indie doc about '80s music groups and the radio station WLIR, premiering at Tribeca. After over 35 years, Eric Batut CAS is retiring. He won't miss the Fraturdays or the all-night shoots but he will miss all the colleagues and filmmakers he had the chance to work with, to know, and to appreciate the collaborative process that is filmmaking. Jamie Scarpuzza CAS is getting ready for Season 2 of Comedy Central's Detroiters. John Pritchett CAS is having a busy time. John with boom Dave Roberts, Hawaiian utility Jon Mumper, and Atlanta utility Tyler Blythe recently finished Jumanji, not a reboot, but a sequel, shot mostly in Hawaii and then Atlanta and starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan and directed by the amazing Jake Kasdan. Following that, Pritchett came back to Atlanta with Dave and Tyler to begin Avengers: Infinity War, which will likely shoot all of 2017. Directed by the also amazing Russo brothers, it will feature pretty much every superhero in the Marvel universe, too many to name here. Steve Weiss CAS had Vince Schelley on boom and Dennis Carlin utility for an NBC pilot of Spaced Out, a comedy take- off of rocket launching company "Space C A S   Q U A R T E R L Y     S P R I N G 2 0 1 7   55

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