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Storage Audio Managing and archiving data. By Jennifer Walden Needs Command-S (or Ctrl-S) is probably the most automatic shortcut you use in your audio session. Constantly saving your work is like breathing; it's second nature, vital to your survival, and involves zero thought. You just do it. Well, let's think about it for a moment. Where are you saving your work to? How are you archiving it so that 10 years from now you can access all that data you spent so much time creat- ing? How are you managing that data so you can actually find what you need a decade from now? Working with advertising clients can mean short sessions with lots of quick revisions. It's easy to mix several different sessions in a day. Now add multiple rooms to the equation, and you're looking at a large amount of data spread around in lots of little chunks. Revisiting old spots from years ago is also highly likely, so keeping track of that data is important. For these six audio pros, saving sessions, moving sessions, sharing sessions and archiving sessions so they can be quickly restored is a big part of the job. Here they give us a look into their back-up and archiving systems, as well as talk about the future of audio storage. Boss: Bam is handling the ADR for all of the actors in Chicago for Season 2. See page 42 for more on Bam. 38 Post • September 2012

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