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Parenting OC Magazine | March 2017 63 Time for Camp? Pack your Brain! Time for Camp? Pack your Brain! Benefits of Educational Summer Camps and Programs Benefits of Educational Summer Camps and Programs By Julie M. Armenta M.A. Summer is rapidly approaching, and while your children are most likely looking forward to the lazy days of summer, as a parent you will want your child to continue developing the skills they have obtained over this past school year. Luckily, summer provides an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the rich array of educa- tional activities Southern California has to offer. Our area gives access to amazing summer programs and cours- es. Why is this great news for your child? • Summer learning programs have the potential to help children improve their current standing or even advance in school. Many students also use summer time to accelerate their learning track. Students can graduate early by taking two courses each summer program. Student can complete two semesters of work during the summer and graduate a full year early! This can cut down on costs and time for the high school and college students. • It is important to keep kids excited about learning and their education at an early stage of their life to create lifelong learners. • A summer program is an excellent choice for your child espe- cially if he or she is having a diffi cult time staying engaged over the summer. It is an opportunity to catch up and fi ll in any gaps. Summer is also an opportunity to get extra help and reinforce what you didn't quite master during the regular school year. • Summer programs can raise test scores and performance levels in a short period of time. Summer is an excellent time and opportunity to retake a course or replace credits for students. • Statistics show that middle school children seem to benefi t the most from their summer school experiences. • It is very important to provide students with year-round aca- demic, social and personal enrichment opportunities. I believe fi rmly that if you don't use it, you can lose it! Keeping the child's brain stimulated, engaged and empowered will help them be successful in school and life. • Statistics show that we are more relaxed in the summer. Something in our human psyche to relax occurs and this casual attitude creates a much less formal environment which is more conducive to learning for many students. Now that you and your child have decided to participate in a summer program or course, fi nding the program that is best for them is the next task. Take the time to spend with your child exploring Orange County and the surrounding area for the per- fect program. Not only will they continue their learning process throughout the summer, but the time spent with your child is price- less in their development.

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