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Page 35 of 91 36 Parenting OC Magazine | March 2017 Girl Power Celebrating Women's History Month in OC Celebrating Women's History Month in OC By Michelle Thompson In the fi eld of women's history, Orange County is a goldmine. It is home to the fastest woman on record, a former First Lady, world- famous actresses and singers, Olympic medalists and more. And so, with March's National Women's History Month before us, parents needn't look far when seeking ways to teach and inspire children. Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum Anaheim, Beside every man stands a strong woman – and that's espe- cially true when he happens to be president of the United States. Learn more about one former president's right-hand woman at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. First Lady Patricia Nixon was a woman of fi rsts. She was the fi rst, First Lady to visit an active combat zone, address a Republication National Convention, and toss a ball at an MLB game. She was also a staunch women's rights advocate who endorsed the equal rights amendment, again becoming the initial First Lady to do so. Museum visitors can learn about Mrs. Nixon's numerous accomplishments; including her disaster relief work, support of the arts, and volun- teerism. She served as First Lady from 1969 to 1974, while her hus- band was the 67th president of the United States. The Lyon Air Museum Santa Ana, Don't let those Hollywood blockbusters fool you – it wasn't just men who commanded the skies during the Second World War. An estimated 350,000 women served in United States air force the war, including women air force service pilots (WASPs) who fl ew an estimated 60 million miles delivering planes from factories to bases. Kids can learn more about these brave, courageous and amazing women at the Lyon Air Museum, which features a dedicated display to their work. The pioneer pilots supported the war efforts, despite facing serious resistance from military commanders. They were denied military benefi ts, required to buy their own uniforms, and Girls can release their inner Sally Ride at Discovery Cube of OC's Mission Control exhibit.

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