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Family Wellness 26 Parenting OC Magazine | March 2017 Family Wellness By Dr. Leila Yasrebi Well Checkups Are… Well, Great! Parents take their newborns to the pediatrician six times dur- ing the first year of life. But the baby isn't the only one receiving a checkup during these visits. Before medical school I double-majored in biology and psychol- ogy, and it's that second major that I find myself leaning on most during well-child visits. From mothers coping with post-partum depression to parents who feel hollowed out by the difficult-to-in- terpret cries of their infants, pediatricians attend to parents as much as their babies. And that's good. A healthy parent makes for a healthy baby. So don't be afraid to ask questions: Checkups are the perfect time to check in with your own concerns, questions and anxieties. A pediatrician who takes the time to talk with you can be a good sounding board for parenting decisions (to sleep train, or not to sleep train, ask us the question). And we are an experienced resource for parents struggling with common and uncommon issues related to your child. Crying The biggest stressor for new parents in the first few months is that they don't know what their crying baby wants or needs. I talk with parents about reflux, colic and gas and help parents get their babies comfortable and soothed. New babies are just getting adjusted to life outside the womb. With love and patience, they'll transition into happy babies – and turn you into a parenting expert along the way. Eating Parents are often concerned that their newborn is not eating enough. As long as the baby has gotten back to their birthweight by two weeks, they're doing fine. If they've dipped below 10% of their birthweight, we can discuss pumping or supplementing. The impor- tant thing to remember about feeding is that if you have a question, ask it. Pediatricians are here to help your baby grow healthy and strong. Sleeping This is a topic that inspires passionate debate. Some parents believe that a baby can be sleep trained after just a few months. Others are uninterested in sleep training even after a few years. Co-sleeping, naps in strollers, mechanical swings. We have heard every question and can help you navigate the contradictions and confusion with evidenced-based advice that makes the most sense for you and your family.

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