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Page 40 of 43 39 POST FEBRUARY 2017 REVIEW monitors I have ever put my eyes on. Dolby Vision Mastering Monitor Certified and ready to rock and roll, the DP-V2420 has many outstanding features that make it a great finishing monitor. Versatility is right at the top of my list, dropping shot selections right into the monitor while looking at input and output at the same time. It makes color corrections in the monitor, saves the settings and is able to export them as well. And we are just getting warmed up. The color accuracy and reproduction of our shots was so spot on that the entire film crew stopped the produc- tion to come look at our images, much to the chagrin of the director. But then he came over, too, and simply put, was blown away. So what makes the Canon DP-V2420 so special? Let's check it out. The camera link-up feature of the DP-V2420 allows seamless linking to the EOS C500 and EOS C300 Mark II digital cinema cameras and the Arri Alexa SXT camera system, allowing for increased flexibility on-set for camera assistants and DITs. This is a great feature. This attention for detail will save lots of aggravation when trying to get different pieces of gear to work together. When a Cinema EOS system camera or Arri camera system is connected to the DP-V2420, the camera's metadata can be obtained, and its contents can be displayed. This means that camera set up and confidence checks during shooting can all be done on the DP-V2420 itself rather than on the camera's viewfinder or display. (This feature is available when the 3G-SDI raw format has been select- ed by Cinema EOS system camera; t3G/ HD-SDI format has been selected by Arri camera system. Lastly, an image quality link-up func- tion automatically switches the image quality of the display based on the camera's meta information. This occurs when the Cinema EOS system camera or Arri camera system is connected to the DP-V2420. Presetting by Cinema EOS system's Canon Log/Canon Log2/Canon Log3 and the Arri Log C video display are also supported. Log C is preset to the main unit menu. So, all you have to do to check image quality is connect the camera. There is no need to add any special LUTs. The DP-V2420 also comes with waveform monitor and vectorscope functions. These are superimposed on the screen display. THE WRAP So there you have it. Two outstanding products in the Canon EOS C300 Mark II and the Canon DP-V2420 UHD reference display. Each one is a fine product and excellent example of Canon workmanship. The C300 has just a beautiful look to the images. Almost as if in a portrait mode. If we were going to start shooting a documentary tomorrow, this camera would be a great choice. The DP-V2420 would be our other choice. If you are on or at near-set color accuracy and faithful reproduction of images has to happen, Canon has drilled it with an outstand- ing reference monitor. Now how about a nice, warm island shoot to shake off the winter! VITAL STATS MANUFACTURER: Canon USA PRODUCT: EOS C300 Mark II cinema camera and DP-V2420 4K (24-inch) UHD reference display PRICE: $20,000 list (EOS C300 Mark II); $32,900 list (DP-V2420) WEBSITE: • 4206x2340 Super 35 full size CMOS sensor double pixel (C300 Mark II) • True to color, clean and crisp 4K imaging (C300 Mark II) • Full-specification HDR reference display compatible with HDR industry standards (DP-V2420)

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