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Winter 2017

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10 NEWS NEWS GUILD GUILD NEWS California State Disability When Traveling as an Out-of-State Distant Hire On Sunday, March 19, 2017, prior to the General Membership Meeting, the Local 706 new Young Workers Committee (YWC) will meet to elect a new chairperson from within this committee. The meeting will begin at 1 p.m. on the soundstage of Local 80. Feel free to arrive and join the meeting (but please be on time). Any member of Local 706 from every classification is eligible to attend—film, television, commercials, new media, networks, theater, regional members and Theme Park members! These meetings are for anyone who has joined Local 706 in the last few years. We do not check your age because everybody is "young." Our make-up and hair artisans in the entertainment industry are very diverse and some feel disconnected. Inspired by a growing push to engage young union members across North America, the IATSE Young Workers Committee was formed in January 2012 to give our new union members a greater understanding of the responsibilities of leadership and encourage their active participation in the IATSE. The goal is to empower these members to best represent the IATSE in their local unions, on the jobsite or workplace. The YWC intends to help build a bridge to unify everyone. Vanessa Hernandez and Natasha DePoyo attended the YWC Conference in 2016 and are poised to bring what they learned to the Committee to communicate what others are doing across the country. The IATSE YWC will work with this mission and three goals always in mind: 1) Be part of something bigger 2) Teach practical membership skills 3) Identify young active members At the local level, young workers run food drives, organize phone banks, volunteer their skills within the community, organize fellow entertainment workers, show solidarity with other unions and bring education opportunities to their locals. Mentorship and new ideas are encouraged. Bring them to the table! If you would like more information about this Committee and your own involvement, please call make- up artist Karen Westerfield at (818) 585-4427. She is coordinating the Committee and guiding new members until the election. IATSE Young Workers Committee 2017 MUAHS GUILD AWARDS TIMELINE • Friday, January 20 Final voting begins • Friday, February 10 Final voting closes (5 p.m. PST) • Sunday, February 19 Winners announced If you are hired in the County of Los Angeles and are being transported out of state on an IA Contract with Cast & Crew being the payroll company, and you wish to be covered by California State Disability Insurance (SDI), you will need to fill out an authorization form that will allow Cast & Crew to deduct money from your payroll each week so that you are covered. That form may be in your start paperwork. If it isn't, you may download a PDF of the California SDI Form from Cast & Crew's web page at castandcrew.com. Once there, click on "Support" and then click on Forms & Resources, and scroll down and click on "California State Disability Insurance." Fill out the form and email to info_payroll @castandcrew.com or fax to (818) 848-9494. This form may be utilized by any California resident working in a state other than California who wishes to have California SDI deducted. If time allows, please take care of this paperwork before you leave on your trip, for there is a two-week processing period before the coverage actually kicks in. Also, if production is using a payroll company other than Cast & Crew, it would be a good idea to ask them if they have California SDI as part of their bookkeeping that will allow them to deduct the small percentage required from your weekly paycheck to pay for SDI on your behalf. If not, ask to fill out a form to authorize California SDI to be deducted weekly from your salary, so you will be covered. Being that SDI is paid by you the employee, it doesn't cost production a cent to have you covered. Please, don't get caught without California SDI when working out of state. Any ques- tions, please call Sue Cabral-Ebert, Kathy Sain or me at the office. –Tommy Cole

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