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Winter 2017

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Photos ©2016 The Weinstein Company Matthew decided that Kenny Wells should have a receding hairline, so I pulled pictures of different stages of receding hairlines, and we picked a few to narrow it down. From there, we went to teeth, and again, I sent various references of teeth (especially of badly capped teeth). We chose the shape, but then he decided he might want some gold teeth; so now we have a balding man, some capped teeth and a couple of gold teeth. We then looked at bellies and the type of belly size and shape that would suit his body. The producers were not, I am sure, aware of this look that he and I ultimately wanted to achieve, although Stephen Gaghan had full trust in our ideas for Kenny Wells. Alex Rouse made us the most excep- tional toupee, and I shaved Matthew's head with much fear and trepidation. After all, the fi lm started off in Thailand and there was no turning back. I mixed pax colors to be the same as his skin tone and used super Baldiez to attach the toupee, as we were in 99 percent humid- ity and monsoon conditions. Spirit gum would never have held up. Gary Archer made us some great veneers for Matthew's teeth, and I used a crude tattoo made by Rick Stratton. His make-up was simple for most of the fi lm. (There were moments when the character had malaria.) Edgar Ramirez was so much simpler as a character. He had to be the good- looking frontman, which was very easy to achieve. A simple blow dry of the hair and a great tan, as a prospector would have, was in order. Director Stephen Gaghan was involved with the look of each character. It was quite a feat to achieve as we were in Thailand, New Mexico and New York with local crew, so I was the only con- stant person on the fi lm. I remember giv- ing hair-laying lessons in New Mexico on a day off! I am so very proud of what was achieved and proud of the technicians that worked on Gold in make-up and hair. It was a wonderful ride. • Bryce Dallas Howard

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