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48  /  the tasting panel  /  january/february 2017 ON THE ROAD WITH JACK C reating the ideal character name is integral to telling a good story in books and film. "Jack" is one of the most common and popular names for male movie characters in films grossing nearly four billion dollars in revenue according to a 2012 study. It's really no wonder, then, that one of the world's best-selling whiskies bears the epithet that has become synonymous with whiskey itself: Jack Daniel's. Known simply as "Jack" to millions, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, or Old No. 7, has strong roots all over the United States including our 50th: Hawaii. Glenn Tamura, owner of Tamura's Fine Wine & Liquors in Hawaii, is known all over the islands as an avid consumer of Old No. 7. "I'm a Jack Daniel's squire," beams Tamura. A Jack Daniel's Tennessee Squire is an honor doled out to friends of the distillery, usually notable celebrities and business owners. "I even had a photo of Jimmy Bedford on my wall," Tamura says proudly. Bedford was the sixth Jack Daniel's Master Distiller, and Glenn had the great opportunity to get to know him before he passed away in 2009. Getting to know the greats in the distilling business is part of Tamura's blueprint for success. Tamura explains, "I'm a visionary, and to make my visions come true, I surround myself with great people." He's the fourth generation of Tamuras to run the family business in Hawaii, taking over from his father, Herbert, in 1995. It was Tamura's father who got him interested in Jack Daniel's in the first place. "My father is a huge Frank Sinatra fan, and when I asked him what he was drinking, he told me, 'Old. No. 7.' From then on I was hooked," he says. In 1999, Tamura's represen- tative from Young's Market introduced him to Jack Daniel's Single Barrel, a hand-selected 94-proof offering from the distillery. It's become so popular at his Fine Wine & Liquors locations that Tamura now sells 12 barrels worth of Single Barrel a year. TIMELESS WHISKEY BRAND JACK DANIEL'S LIGHTS A FIRE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE PACIFIC by Matt Jackson / photos by Jennifer Brotchie Dave Newman, owner of Pint + Jigger, a modern and mainland-inspired cocktail bar. (below) Pint + Jigger's most popular drink, the Old Fashioned, is blended "sous-vide" for two days with spent Jack Daniel's barrel chips. STATE OF MIND Hawaiian

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