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BACK TO SCHOOL 2016 | wyoea.org 15 Update Below is a sample letter that you may find useful when contacting legislators. Date The Honorable________________ The State Senate (or House of Representatives) Jonah Business Center 3001 E. Pershing Blvd. Cheyenne, WY 82001 Dear Senator (or Representative) ____________ (Identify yourself, and mention you are a constituent, if you are one. Identify the issue/bill you are concerned about. Add any reason(s) you may have for a special interest in the issue/bill, such as how many people are impacted by the issue.) Example Paragraph: I am writing you today as my senator (or representative) because I am especially interested in efforts to keep the quality educational system we have in Wyoming. I feel that it is very important for all Wyoming families to have quality schools. Now is not the time for Wyoming to pull back on the commitment it has made to quality schools. (Try to be specific about what you would like the legislator to do. Refer to or include information about specific bills or legislation, if you know about it.) Example Paragraph: I would ask that you support efforts to maintain funding for quality schools in Wyoming. When bills are introduced during this session, I will try to be more specific about legislation that I would urge you to support. (Thank the legislator for her/his time and interest.) Example Paragraph: Thank you very much for your time and any efforts you take to maintain the quality educational system in Wyoming. Sincerely, (Include your name and address) Mary Jones 400 Main Street Yourtown, WY 82001 sign up to receive wyoming legislative updates Send your email address to: wylegislativeupdates@gmail.com or scan the QR code to send your email address. www.wyoea.org Stay informed on everything happening at the Wyoming Legislature. Don't miss the daily updates WEA sends via email to anyone who registers.

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