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august 2016  /  the tasting panel  /  89 Chef Chris Turano served up some recom- mendations for food pairing from his spring menu at restaurant Cavatina, located in the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood, CA. Trout tartare with cucumber, dill and lemon is a cool partner for the Collet Brut. Santa Barbara uni (sea urchin) risotto and Collet 2002 Vintage are a match made in heaven . . . and in Cavatina's kitchen. Collet Esprit Couture makes a statement with the crème fraîche panna cotta dessert. HEADLINING ACTS Executive Chef Chris Turano serves up some recommendations for food pairing from his spring menu. "Champagne is one of those things you can pretty much pair with any course, especially those with a balance of sweet and acid flavors," he says. "There's nothing better than Collet to kick off a meal on a celebratory note. Customers not only come here to celebrate but also enjoy Mediterranean-Californian food and ambiance." Trout tartare with cucumber, dill and lemon paired with Collet Brut "These are all flavors that make sense with Champagne," he says. "Cucumber is used four different ways: cucumber vinaigrette to dress the trout, cucumber leaves on top, fresh cucumber in the relish and charred cucumber ash sprinkled on top for extra flavor. There's great acidity from the lemon in the dots on the plate, as well as trout roe caviar, fresh dill and shallots. This means there will be something on your palate to interact with the Collet Brut with its green apple notes." Santa Barbara uni (sea urchin) risotto paired with Collet 2002 Vintage "The 2002 Vintage makes a lot of sense because of the subtle flavors of the ocean brine, the richness of the uni and the buttery flavor of the overall dish. We take uni and lightly sauté it in olive oil, blend it with butter and use uni butter to finish the risotto, which also includes fava beans and spring herbs." Crème fraîche panna cotta with almond crumble and compressed Frog Hollow apricots with Collet Esprit Couture "Frog Hollow is a local grower of fantastic stone fruit, and the Esprit Couture is ideal for the finished dessert because of its own stone fruit notes and full-bodied mouth. Together, they are a celebration of what's really good about sum- mer fruit and flavors."

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