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Spring / Summer 2016

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8 0 | t h e c l e v e r r o o t DECONSTRUCTING DISHES With 52-ounce steaks in the spotlight, it comes as no surprise that more is more when it comes to American Cut's massive Rubin sandwich. Feast your eyes on this: A 52-ounce Porterhouse served up at American Cut Midtown in Manhattan. AT THE BIG TEXAN STEAK RANCH in Amarillo, Texas, they serve a 72-ounce hunk of beef that, were you to finish the whole thing in under an hour (along with various side dishes), you get for free. At American Cut Midtown in Manhattan, Chef Marc Forgione serves a 52-ounce Porterhouse topped with flaming bone mar- row maître d' butter, that you don't get for free, even if you swallow the whole thing in one gulp and then ask for another. It may well be the largest steak served on the island of Manhattan—a significant feat in the land of socialites who subsist on an arugula sprig with the dressing on the side. But then, Chef Forgione is a man who likes to push the edge—as the son of culinary legend Larry Forgione, he grew up in a world where food was reinvented every day at An American Place. And at a place of his own, he's offering a dish that's the ultimate anti-salad, with no quinoa in sight. Big Beef in the Big Apple PHOTO: MELISSA HOM Big Beef in the Big Apple CHEF MARC FORGIONE BRINGS BIG CUTS OF MEAT TO MIDTOWN AT AMERICAN CUT by Merrill Shindler

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