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July-August 2016

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Photographs © Amazon Studios by Andrew Boughton, Production Designer THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE Amazon's new series The Man in the High Castle depicts an alternate 1960, in which America lost World War II and is occupied by the Nazis (the Northeast and Midwest) and Japan (the West Coast), with a strip of neutral territory surrounding the Rocky Mountains running down the middle. It leans heavily on the disorienting impact of its Production Design: swastikas emblazoned on everyday objects like cigarettes; familiar San Francisco street scenes with the signage all in kanji; a happy, wholesome family sitting down to breakfast with their son in a Hitler Youth uniform. In the threadbare neutral zone, there is still a bit of a glimpse of Americana among the shuttered and peeling storefronts—a Chevrolet sign, for example—all of it so rundown, grimy and obviously defunct that it's already half fossil.

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