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Spring 2016

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29 25 couldn't possibly bring on set. After a lot of hard work, diligence and creativity, beautyblender was officially cre- ated. It was also extremely important to me to support my fellow artists so, on top of using my new tool on my clients, I would give them out to peers to use on their jobs. Soon, the requests started coming in from colleagues and clients wanting their own beautyblender and I knew I was onto something special. Today, this "category cre- ator" has changed the way women around the globe apply their make-up and nothing makes me happier than when I see that hot pink little egg pop up everywhere from the latest YouTube tutorial, behind-the-scenes photos or the pages of my favorite magazine. They are still "pinch me" moments. As a mother, "glamma," celebrity make-up artist and beauty entrepreneur, I'm a busy woman and I believe that our time in front of the mirror needs to be easy, fun and should require as little mess and fuss as possible. Today my goal is to continue to develop tools that offer seamless solutions to some of our most common beauty dilemmas. Whether it's designing the perfect compact for make-up retouching with blotterazzi, taking the guesswork out of creating the perfect cat eye with liner.designer or introduc- ing new sizes and colors of beautyblenders to fit different make-up techniques and needs, I'm extremely passionate about adapting my pro techniques into tools that make the beauty process easier for both my peers and consumers. This spring, I'm extremely excited to be launching a capsule collection of tools that I designed for my pro art- ist peers. Beautyblender Pro, or otherwise known as the black-colored beautyblender, was originally created as an homage to professional make-up artists and inspired by the "universal beauty color of the world." This season, we have released a pro version micro.mini set, liner.designer and blotterazzi made specially for make-up artists so they can show off their own version of beautyblender proudly on set and with clients. It has been and will continue to be, extremely important to always be supportive of my peers' professional growth. I've learned a tremendous amount about the cosmetics industry over the past decade. I'm proud to say that we, as a company, have been successful in running a growing brand while continuing to uphold the highest quality stan- dards and staying extremely focused on customer service. But I have always been disappointed when other companies in the industry try to devalue an idea or contribution to the beauty business. Imitation is often seen as the high- est form of flattery but protecting the original concept of beautyblender has always been a hot topic for me. Over the years, it has become increasingly susceptible to copycats seeking to unlawfully capitalize on the product's well-known brand name, recognizable shape and color. In recent years, we have attempted to aggressively combat the sale of infringing products that pretend to deliver on the beautyblender name. Not one to ever back down from a challenge, when I recently learned that a company like Avon, one that I always loved and respected, was attempt- ing to sell counterfeit beautyblenders in the UK, I was determined to fight them on it. After a successful settlement, Avon admitted to infring- ing on beautyblender's intellectual property, which was a landmark victory for me. I only hope now that this will send a message to both our loyal customers and would- be infringers that I am fully committed to pursuing the protection of intellectual property. I would encourage any entrepreneur to follow their dreams and never back down from a challenge—and beautyblender will keep you look- ing flawless all through your fearless journey. •

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