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March / April 2016

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m a r c h . a p r i l 2 0 1 6 c g w 3 3 P O R T F O L I O guidance and education, a practice he still continues. Another of Hansen's favorite tools is his 27-inch Wacom Cintiq. "I use it as a standing desk sometimes," he says. "It is different from the other Cintiqs. It just feels 'right' when I am creating, designing, and ani- mating. I use it for everything." In addition, Hansen employs the Adobe tool set of Illustrator and Aer Effects, combined with plug-ins from Video Co- pilot and Red Giant. Hansen, like so many CG art- ists, gets impatient when wait- ing for renders and simulations. However, the pros of working in CG far outweigh the cons. "You get to do everything you can imagine!" he says of the medium. The technology also enables him to work for compa- nies around the world from his design studio in Las Vegas. To date, Hansen has worked on 16 feature films – from the super-advanced UIs for Tony Stark in Iron Man and Avengers, to cartoon UIs and holographs for Disney's animated Big Hero 6, to holograms for The Force Awakens. The key to making the work appear different for each project "is the easy part," he notes. "Usually the demands of the story and the art direction of the film necessitate very different looks." However, it is important to know the charac- ters, the story, and the produc- tion design of the project, "and become an expert at the tech involved, so your contribution fits within the film and lasts a long time. I always tend to design a bit more advanced so that the film won't seem dated in five years. I also want the imagery to 'sit' really well in the film and not call too much attention to itself." In addition to CG, the artist has a love for photography and oil painting, and would like to get into large-scale industrial art. Recently, he has been work- ing with companies, such as Meta, in the virtual-reality and augmented-reality spaces. "Ev- erything I've been faking in films is being realized by companies like this." – Karen Moltenbrey Iron Man FOR MORE ABOUT HANSEN: GO TO EXTRAS IN THE MARCH.APRIL 2016 ISSUE BOX C G W. C O M Avengers The Hunger Games The Hunger Games

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