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{ }  27 MOST WINE LABELS TELL A STORY. Each instance of color, font and shape provides hints of characters and plots that can only be fully realized by indulging in the liquid within. In the case of Viña Carmen, the new labels adorning the recently re-launched Carmen Gran Reserva portfolio convey an epic novel. It is a tome highlighting the history of the 165-year-old Chilean winery, an influential tale involving game-changing moments in viticulture, such as creating the first Chilean wine made from 100 percent organically grown grapes and the rediscovery of the Carménère grape in Carmen's own vineyards 21 years ago. The label's compelling message not only celebrates the winery's past, but also positions it nicely for the future from a global perspective. "The intention of this re-launch was specifically to stay true to Carmen's history and to better educate those that will enjoy the portfolio," explains Luis Carlos Andrade, Export Manager USA/Brand Manager Chile of Viña Carmen. "We wanted to communicate our history in every way we could, and that is why we adapted our message and all our mar - keting tools—including packaging—to spread that very same message all over the world." This allegiance to history is clear with each new label within the Carmen Gran Reserva portfolio. Rather than pulling the trigger on a radical facelift, the new labels are a deliberate call back to the portfolio's older packaging. The design updates come in varying degrees of subtlety; the primary hues are a little softer, the borders around the label slightly sharper. These delicate changes bring an air of sophisticated assuredness to each bottle in a way that appeals to the next generation of wine-drinkers without turning its back on long-time enthusiasts. "This new label is focused on giving our faithful consumer the same quality wine with an elegant packaging that reflects the essence of Gran Reserva," states Viña Carmen's Winemaker Sebastian Labbé. "Of course, it also captures new customers, mainly those who are interested in knowing more about wine and want to enjoy the wine experience as part of their lifestyle and social life." Regardless of one's level of wine-drinking acumen, opening a bottle of the 2014 Carménère, 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon or any other selection from the Gran Reserva portfolio will reveal the bottle is much more than a pretty face. "The new Carmen Gran Reserva is an extension of our work, experience and knowledge of Chile's finest terroirs to develop the maximum expression of each variety," Labbé explains. "The new labels reflect the highest quality of wine. When you drink a Carmen Gran Reserva, you will experience the best terroirs Chile has to offer—a timeless classic that innovates without sacrificing quality." In other words, this is a book that you can judge by its cover. Great Expectations { chile } CARMEN GRAN RESERVA CONNECTS ITS STORIED PAST WITH ITS FUTURE by Rich Manning HOTO COURTESY OF VIÑA CARMEN HOTO COURTESY OF VIÑA CARMEN Carmen Gran Reserva vineyards in Chile's Maipo Valley. Carmen Gran Reserva Winemaker Sebastian Labbé.

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