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84  /  the tasting panel  /  april 2016 Fred Dame: Jonathan, when did you start working at Harris'? Jonathan Tennenbaum: I started here in 1999 as a server. I had an obvious passion for wine, so within six months, a full time position that would allow me to focus primarily on that aspect of our service was created. I did take a few years off to work in the wine industry but in the end, I just couldn't stay away from restaurant life. Harris' is such a great place and it's really one big family. Plus, I missed the energy of working on the floor. You run the wine list here at the premier steakhouse in San Francisco. What would be the percentage of big Cabernet Sauvignon that is sold here? I'm guessing more than 50 percent. It's surprisingly more like 70 percent! I don't miss by that much too often. That's an amazing fact. Let me try to redeem myself by saying that more than 50 percent of the wine you sell is from California. (Laughing) Sorry Fred. Actually about 75% of the bottles we open are from California. It makes sense. We're so close to wine country. We have a pretty global list though. I'd say that France, Italy and Argentina make up a big chunk of the rest. Fred Dame, MS, VP/ Prestige Accounts for American Wine & Spirits (a divi- sion of SWS of CA), and Jonathan Tennenbaum, Wine Director of Harris' Restaurant in San Francisco. WINE DIRECTOR, HARRIS' RESTAURANT, SAN FRANCISCO A Conversation with WINE DIRECTOR, A Conversation with Jonathan Tennenbaum photos by Stephanie Secrest

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