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april 2016  /  the tasting panel  /  67 DEPARTMENT HEADER Ryan Hooks Senior Bartender, St. Felix, Hollywood Laidback ◗ 2 oz. Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength Gin ◗ ½ oz. egg white ◗ ¾ oz. lemon juice ◗ 4 raspberries ◗ 3 sprigs thyme ◗ ¾ oz. simple syrup Muddle thyme with simple syrup. Combine ingredients and shake with one ice cube to whip until melted, then shake with four ice cubes to chill. Strain up. Garnish with thyme, orange bitters, orange peel and raspberry. Brittney Olsen Bar Lead, E.P. & L.P., Los Angeles Heir of the Dog ◗ 2 oz. Martin Miller's Gin ◗ ½ oz. heirloom tomato shrub ◗ ½ oz. blood orange juice ◗ ½ oz. celery seed syrup ◗ ¼ tsp. miso paste Add all ingredients to shaker and shake to combine. Fine strain over fresh ice, garnish with blood orange wheel, heirloom tomato slice, celery leaf and black pepper. Adam 'George' Fournier Bar Manager, Areal Restaurant + Bar, Santa Monica Bi-Coastal Quandry ◗ 2 oz. Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength Gin ◗ 1 oz. fresh lime juice ◗ ½ oz. simple syrup ◗ 2 heaping barspoons kumquat and sage boba Whip ingredients and top with soda. Garnish with kumquat speared with sage. Gia St. George Beverage Director, Estrella, West Hollywood Tears of Dew ◗ 2 oz. Martin Miller's Gin ◗ ¾ oz. tarragon and white pepper syrup ◗ ¾ oz. lime juice ◗ Absinthe mist Stir ingredients, pour over compressed melon cubes. Garnish with baby daisies. Michael Alvarez Head Mixologist, Alvarez & Co. Bartending, Los Angeles Breakfast Over Malibu ◗ 1½ oz. Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength Gin ◗ ½ oz. Lillet Blanc ◗ ½ oz. St-Germain ◗ 1 egg white ◗ Peychaud's Bitters ◗ Blood orange liqueur Filler shake with ice. Add first four ingredients and shake very well, then strain into a Martini glass. Add two dashes of Peychaud's Bitters and a spritz of blood orange liqueur. Garnish with orange peel. Candace-Elyse Booker Manager, Vinavanti, San Diego Princely State ◗ 1½ oz. Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength Gin ◗ 1 oz. fava wash of garbanzo bean water ◗ ¾ oz. Raj simple* ◗ ¾ oz. Chai Lillet Rouge ◗ 3 dashes forbidden bitters Whip and then shake ingredients. Garnish with star anise dust, pod and hibiscus flowers. *Raj Simple: ◗ 1 tbs. fennel seeds ◗ 2 tbs. Chinese 5 Spice ◗ ¼ cup dried coconut flakes Toast above ingredients on medium heat in a pot with no oil for about two minutes. Add two cups of Demerara sugar, two cups water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer for 10 minutes. Strain contents through a cheese cloth and bottle.

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