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44  /  the tasting panel  / april 2016 CAUSES E very year on April 22, millions of people celebrate Earth Day with a gesture such as planting a tree or attending an event that highlights environmental issues. The annual day has roots in 1970, when it was established to demonstrate support for environmental protection; almost a half century later, the cause is recognized in more than 192 countries and has expanded to Earth Month, which also encompasses Arbor Day, celebrated annually on the last Friday of April. Trinchero Family Estates celebrates "Earth Month" year- round by re-populating entire forests. The earth-friendly wine company partnered with non-profit Trees for the Future in 2008 and committed to planting one tree for every bottle of its Trinity Oaks wine sold. "Our partnership with Trees for the Future has been successful since the beginning; we work well together to achieve a greater goal for our environment," says John Garaventa, Senior Brand Manager at Trinchero Family Estates. Trees for the Future has been planting trees since 1989, including 80 million trees over its history. Trinchero is the non-profit's biggest sponsor, with sales of Trinity Oaks wines responsible for the planting of 15 million trees as of this year's Earth Day! Considering that Earth is losing trees annually, tree dona- tions make a huge impact, not only environmentally, but also through their role in generating profit and helping families in farming communities afford basic necessities. Trinity Oaks' partner organization does not stop short of simply planting trees: Trees for the Future also has a structured training system to empower the communities in which they work to manage their land, employ staff and utilize local resources. For its part, Trinity Oaks is fully dedicated to environmen- tal mindfulness: Beyond its "One Bottle, One Tree" slogan, the wine bottles' Nomacorc corks are recyclable and leave a smaller carbon footprint than traditional corks; the plant- based capsules are compostable and made from EarthFirst PLA Film, produced using renewable technology; the aluminum top disk on the bottle is recyclable and the labels are printed on consumer waste paper, all nicely packaged in kraft shippers sent to distributors. "We serve Trinchero Family Estates' Trinity Oaks wines because the label is a consistent award winner in both national and international wine-tasting competitions and because it aligns with our own sustainability practices," says Mark Southern, Food & Beverage Director, Hilton Garden Inn, Memphis. "Trinity Oaks' eco-friendly 'One Bottle, One Tree' campaign in which it vows to plant one tree for every bottle that it sells is a win for our brand and for our guests, as we partner to make our world a better place." Trinity Oaks wine lineup includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay varietals (all SRP $8.99). The classic Trinity Oaks 2014 California Chardonnay is a blend of 60 percent Lodi fruit and 40 percent Coastal Region Chardonnay grapes. The wine undergoes partial malolactic fermentation and is aged in both French and American oak to yield a medium bodied and well-balanced Chardonnay expressing citrus and pineapple flavors and a top note of sweet oak. From ground to glass, Trinity Oaks raises the profile of environmental issues year-round through an industry- lending partnership while providing a wine consumers can feel great about supporting. TREES PLEASE Trinity Oaks wines' impact across 16 countries, including Haiti, Ethiopia and Indonesia: 15 million trees planted globally. Trees restore oxygen to the atmosphere, enrich soil to enable sustainably-grown food and create a fence to shield animals from grazing in gardens and destroying valuable crops. 500 tree farming communities sup- ported. Farmers are empowered to plant diversified crops that generate income year-round. 900,000+ people supported. With reliable income, families can afford food, clothing and education. A grower in Mali tends to tree seedlings at the nursery in Nioro. PHOTOS COURTESTY OF TRINCHERO FAMILY ESTATES Roger Trinchero, Vice Chairman and CEO, Trinchero Family Estates; Bob Torres, Senior Vice President of Operations, Trinchero Family Estates; and John Leary, Executive Director of Trees for the Future, planted the 10 millionth tree on the family's St. Helena property in 2013. This Earth Day will mark the planting of the 15 millionth tree as part of the Trinity One Oaks' "One Bottle, One Tree" mission. Holy Trinity TRINCHERO FAMILY ESTATES, TRINITY OAKS AND TREES FOR THE FUTURE REBUILD COMMUNITIES AROUND THE GLOBE IN THE "ONE BOTTLE, ONE TREE" CAMPAIGN by Becky Tsadik

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