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april 2016  /  the tasting panel  /  1 17 The package is stunning and quite unique indeed. Marci: Our original packaging was developed for the tequila market at the time. The demographic has subsequently changed and is moving upscale. We knew that our tequila was excellent and belonged in the luxury category, so moving to a new package was a natural transition—once John came on board and hit us over the head a few times! How would you describe the flavor profile? John: I would say that Campeón is a very "classic" style; it's extraordinarily soft and smooth, highlighting the exceptional quality of our East Highlands agave. Marci: It's a soft and buttery style. We really wanted something with elegance and great quality. Consumers today recognize those components. John: For example, when we sample Campeón in the trade, we don't use mixers and don't chill it. We have total confidence in our liquid. What about the sourcing for the agave? Does Juan own his own fields? John: No, he doesn't, and that is the norm in the tequila industry, for the most part. There is only a small amount of what could be qualified as "estate-bottled" tequila. Juan has many long-term relationships with his growers, most of which have gone on for decades It sounds like the wine business! John: I agree, in that respect it is very much like the sourcing of grapes. Are there plans for additional products? Wow, I hate that word when describing great quality! John and Marci: Well, we have few secrets. We can tell you that we do have an ultra-luxury tequila—an Extra Añejo—that will be released later this year. We are incredibly excited about the project. Okay, okay, don't leave me hanging here. Can I break the story with the name? Marci: It will be called "Immaculata," derived from the traditional defini- tion of the Immaculate Conception. That sounds fantastic! By the way, I knew what "Immaculata" meant—what kind of heathen do you think I am? Plus, my wife teaches religion in the Catholic school system. I think there is room at the super-luxury section for something that wasn't dreamed up in the marketing department. What is the price of the three that are out now? John: Retail for the Silver is around $75, the Reposado $85 and the Añejo is $95. Remember, I said retail—and of course, it depends what part of the country you are in. Campeón, the name means "champion" if I am correct. Was there any other reason for using it? Marci: Yes, if you go to any Latin American sporting event, that is the cheer that you will hear. It means much more than Champion, it means in essence, "we're the best!" That's a lot to live up to, but we're gunning for that slot. Are there any other projects on the horizon? I am looking in the corner over there and see a number of whiskey brands that I believe that Marci has worked with before. I know of your family's long association with rare and old bourbons. Lou, John, Marci: (laughing) Bottles? What bottles? Well, let's just say that Campeón is our priority right now, but you can never stop looking over the horizon. We have a long history in the bourbon industry and with the distillers as well. Congratulations to The Legacy Group— a true family enterprise that will be bringing more great brands to the spirits industry! PHOTO: JOHN CURLEY PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE LEGACY GROUP

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