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6 STORAGE SOLUTIONS MARCH 2016 STORAGE SOLUTIONS 40 petabytes of storage and doubled the size of our company to more than 150 people. It's a thrill to have a wide range of post production customers say Qumulo Core has exceeded their expectations." JMR ELECTRONICS Previewed at NAB last year, JMR Electronics' (www.jmr. com) high-speed, enterprise-class DataMover will debut at NAB 2016 as a full release; it began shipping in late 2015. A quiet, stable, 2U rack-mounted appliance with software, DataMover "accelerates network transactions point to point regardless of distance — across the build- ing or around the world," says Steve Katz, vice president of sales at JMR. "The only limits are the Internet connec- tion speed or the transfer rates at either end; a typical deployment consists of two DataMover units. It doesn't matter what clients are using — Linux, Mac, Windows — as long as the networks recognize TCP traffic. It's also ideal for cloud storage. DataMover can transfer huge amounts of data at close to 10Gbps when the network connections support that." DataMover has an easy set up and includes encryp- tion and deduplication "on the fly and transparent to users," Katz says. The software license is perpetual so there are "no annual licenses, no monthly fees, no cost per transfer, no cost per additional bandwidth. That means the cost of ownership is significantly lower for the frequent user sending huge video files, such as HD and UHD movies. It's faster than satellite uplinks and downlinks — faster than anything else on the market if you have high bandwidth connections." Major studios are evaluating DataMover, as is one of the largest US-based post facilities, says Katz. "Com- mon applications would be transferring data from studios to post houses, from post to finishing, and from cinema distribution centers to theaters," he explains. Another product JMR will show at NAB is part of its BlueStor family. The new JMR Share powered by euroNAS is a fast and inexpensive file server for multi-user file sharing. It offers high-capacity caching and includes a perpetual license. "The software was developed in Germany by a tech- nical partner of ours," says Katz. "We sell JMR Share as an appliance, a 3U rack-mounted, 16-disk array system with the euroNAS OS; we've shipped a lot with SSDs. And we have tested Share's operating capacity up to 672TBs." Also new, JMR's Lightning is the widest Thunderbolt 2 certified storage and expansion product family in the industry. "Light- ning appeals to anybody using Thunderbolt devices, which is happening more and more," says Katz. "Apple promoted Thunderbolt development, but now increasing numbers of PCs have Thunderbolt, too. We think the market will continue to boom. We're developing Thunderbolt 3 products now and may show early prototypes or beta units at NAB." JMR's tower or rack-mounted Lightning DTMP, which can accommodate an Apple Mac Pro inside it, was quickly adopted by broadcast and cable networks. New Lightning-XQ Quad products are "extremely unique" with four full-bandwidth PCIe expansion slots. Lightning XQ-8 has an integrated 8-drive RAID. "There's nothing close to it on the market," Katz notes. "It's available as a small desktop unit and rack mounted with a slide-in, slide-out bracket." JMR has also introduced LTNG-XTD, high-perfor- mance, portable Thunderbolt SSD storage also known as the 'SSD Brick.' "The first ones are 256GB expandable to 512GB and 1TB as soon as NVMe storage devices become more available," says Katz. "They're bus-pow- ered, so anyone who uses a thumb drive can use them. They're a great sneakernet drive instead of rotating disks; B&H stocks them and they're selling very well." He notes that JMR also uses SSD drives for cach- ing within DataMover and in the 8-drive Thunderbolt system. He expects SSD costs to continue to drop and endurance continue to improve. "It's an exciting time in the industry," he declares. "People need more and more storage; the only thing changing is the technology behind it. You have to keep running to stay abreast of it." SMALL TREE In the period between NAB The JMR Lightning product family. Small Tree's pop- ular TitaniumZ-5 portable unit.

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