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4 STORAGE SOLUTIONS MARCH 2016 STORAGE SOLUTIONS "We previewed FastTracker at NAB last year, and it will ship soon after NAB 2016. We wanted to make it as robust as possible in its first release," says McKenna. "Now customers can do asset tracking on TerraBlock without the need of an outboard workstation, which trims costs." Overall, McKenna believes that SSD technology has "the potential to be the silver bullet against the night- mare post workflows with not only 4K+, but also HFR (high frame rate) and HDR (high dynamic range) image formats. Once capacities increase, SSD storage will be as impactful as SATA storage was 10 years ago. SATA offered higher capacity at a lower cost and changed the way people work. SSD technology, in a well-architected solution, delivers expansion of bandwidth unavailable with spinning hard drives, and helps facilities avoid proxy-based and transcode workflows for the purpose of bandwidth rationing." G-TECHNOLOGY Known for its high-performance, stylish storage solu- tions, G-Technology ( helps the creative community optimize workflows. All of its 3.5-inch solutions use enterprise-class hard drives for high-reliability, 24/7 operation. G-Technology's Evolution Series Ecosystem fea- tures various drive modules in different configura- tions, from spinning disk to SSD. The drives operate as standalones or plug into several docking solutions. G-Drive ev ATC has a ruggedized case that can with- stand a two-meter drop, floats in water and is dust and sand proof. Ecosystem users, known as the "G-Team," include director/DP Vincent Laforet (who Post spoke with in last year's storage report), the CrossFit media team and the NHL's Los Angeles Kings. New to the Ecosystem are the G-Speed Shuttle XL with ev Series Bay Adapters and the G-Speed Shut- tle XL, which just debuted at Broadcast Video Expo, London and will be center stage at NAB. "G-Speed Shuttle XL with ev Series Bay Adapters is designed to be a transportable storage solution," says Greg Crosby, worldwide senior product line manager for G-Technol- ogy. The Thunderbolt 2 solution is an 8-bay hardware RAID with up to 48TBs of storage depending on the model. Two of its bays feature ev Series Bay Adapters, which are compatible with ev portable hard drives, SSDs and the ev Series Reader Red Mini-Mag Edition. It fits into Pelican Storm 2500 series and Classic 1510 cases, which are approved as carry-ons by the FAA. "We partnered with Red to build our ev Series Reader Red Mini-Mag Edition, which we'll also highlight in our booth at NAB," adds Crosby. "It takes Red Mini-Mags into the Ecosystem to optimize the workflow. We intend to expand the reader series with other camera manufacturers." G-Speed Shuttle XL is an 8-bay Thunderbolt 2 solution offering up to 64TBs of storage with eight, enterprise-class hard drives. G-Technology plans to announce "some new things" at NAB that will "take us to the next level in high-capacity, high-performance stor- Facilis is exploring the optimal way to approach SSD technology for post and will demo new offerings at NAB 2016. G-Technology's G-Speed Shuttle XL.

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