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February / March 2016

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{ real somm stories } 56 { THE SOMM JOURNAL } FEBRUARY/MARCH 2016 56 { THE SOMM JOURNAL } FEBRUARY/MARCH 2016 A s the 2006 Christopher Nolan film The Prestige taught us, every magic trick comes in three parts: the set up, the performance and the prestige, or effect. Fast-forward to 2016, focus in on the fair city of Miami, where the stage has been set for a "Prestige" of epic propor- tions in the realm of wine and spirits. But hold that thought for a moment, let's set the scene. As the nation knows, and is abundantly weary of hearing, 2008 was a tough year financially, and the subsequent years were no picnic for the wine and spirits industry, with many consumers choosing to stay at home to eat and drink. As the country moves away from the shame of spending, luxury markets are reaping the benefits, and prestige brands are taking center stage. And no one is doing a better job of this than Pernod Ricard, who is diving into key markets and setting the stage for the luxury renaissance we are all so ready to enjoy. THE PRESTIGE PERNOD RICARD USA USHERS IN A NEW ERA OF LUXURY IN MIAMI'S BURGEONING ARTS AND HOSPITALITY SCENE CREDIT: TORY STOLPER/GETTY IMAGES FOR PERNOD RICARD USA by Karen Moneymaker

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