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4 { THE SOMM JOURNAL } FEBRUARY/MARCH 2016 { letter from the executive editor } EVERY TIME A NEW ISSUE OF THE SOMM Journal arrives at our offices from the printer, the first thing I notice is the exhilarating fresh smell of ink. It's a smell that has Proustian connotations for me. The summer between my freshman and sopho - more years in college, I had an intern job at the local PBS affiliate, running a small offset press. It jammed frequently (see Murphy's Law), and after fishing paper from between the rollers I came home every day covered in sticky black ink that had an enticing smell—part petroleum and part paradise. It was as impossible to wash off as it was to forget. Later, I worked in a large San Francisco book - store, where the odor of ink and pulp paper was as heady and addictive as black coffee. I had a moment of panic when I read somewhere that soy inks would eventually replace the greasy petrochemical versions as surely as the Prius would replace the gas guzzler. I needn't have worried; soy inks (like those used to print the magazine you're holding) are more environment-friendly and less likely to stain your hands, but they have a very similar "inky" smell. These days, I tend to spend evenings glued to YouTube. It entertains and instructs— sometimes magnificently—but, alas, it emits no smells . . . and seems somehow the poorer for it. Having a freshly printed issue in my hands, and knowing that I had a significant part in its production, is immensely rewarding. We strive to provide great content in The SOMM Journal, but I hope that our readers realize, too, how turning these crisp pages—and inhaling the distinctly non- digital smell of ink—is a reward in itself. David Gadd Executive Editor selected contributors Michelle Ball is a freelance writer and designer who co-owns media company Bottle Branding, focusing on the needs of the wine industry. In addition to wine, she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, raising backyard chickens and living the life with her husband, Jeremy. FOR THE 2016 SOMMELIER SUMMIT AT THE CULINARY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA AT GREYSTONE The Sommelier Summit returns to Napa Valley, April 24-26, 2016, bringing together the best and brightest of the wine community. The educational aspect of this annual event is matched only by the opportunity to network with other somm-minded individuals, rub elbows with industry icons and taste through the best wines accumulated for this three-day affair. The SOMM Journal will offer scholar- ships to ten "Up-and-Coming" wine buyers/sommeliers who are looking to further their careers by attending this prestigious summit. If you are interested in being awarded 2016 "Sommelier Summit/ SOMM Journal Up-and-Comer," send me an email, audio file, or video, tracing your journey in the wine world and where you'd like it to take you. In addition to receiving a full scholarship to the summit, those selected for this honor will receive round-trip transportation and two nights hotel stay in Napa Valley. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. ! Meridith May Publisher/Editorial Director EARN YOUR SCHOLARSHIP Deirdre Bourdet is the founder and Chief Eating Officer of Hedonism Ink, a writing, editing and recipe development consult- ing service based in Napa Valley. Celia Soudry has a has Master's degree in journalism from Northeastern University and has been a contributor to L.A. Weekly's food section for nearly a decade. Her stories have also appeared in publications including Los Angeles Magazine, Santa Barbara News Press, AOL and Wehoville. Ruth Tobias is a longtime food- and-beverage writer/editor based in Denver, Colorado. For more about her, visit her at ruthtobias. com or on Twitter @Denveater. Remembrance of Inks Past

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