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Winter 2016

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As we celebrate the 18th year of our CDG Award shows, I am so proud of the legacy we have created in the art of Costume Design. From the humble beginnings of our first awards show 17 years ago, we have grown it into a well-respected and highly anticipated event. We have set the bar for Costume Design awards, and I believe the fact that we separated the categories of Costume Design into Contemporary, Period and Sci- Fi/Fantasy has had an influence on the TV Academy who relaunched its categories into Contemporary and Period/Fantasy. It would be wonderful if the film academies followed suit, as each category of Costume Design should be judged equally. Much like dramatic acting is different from comedic acting, they are separate, but equal art forms. As our awards separated the design categories, it was imperative that each project was properly categorized, which is one of the reasons we changed the submission policy. All eligible projects were self-submitted, to ensure they were categorized properly, as it was impossible for the awards committee to view all eligible project and categorize them. We posted our new submission policy on the website, in our newsletter, and in the magazine. Also, we sent emails to our members and notices to the agencies and studio award departments. We received hundreds of submissions, but somehow there were still some members who did not know that they had to submit their projects for the nomination ballot, so next year we will double our efforts to get the word out, to make sure everyone knows to self-submit their projects in order to be included on the ballot. We changed the "Commercial Design" category to "Short Form Design" to include commercials, short films, music videos, and webisodes. We wanted to make sure we included all forms of design to elevate the awareness of how diverse Costume Design is in today's world. The Skinny Dog Design Group is once again providing the CDG pins to all the nominees. You can also order your own CDG pin in various styles to show your CDG pride. A reminder: the CDG library is alive and well, in its new home at the Universal Studios Costume Department. Contact Poppy Cannon Reese to book an appointment. All CDG members have access to the CDG library free of charge. I congratulate all the nominees and look forward to celebrating with you all on February 23, 2016. I expect this year's event will be as spectacular as always. In solidarity, Salvador Perez UNION LABEL PRESIDENT'S LETTER

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