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10 F A L L 2 0 1 5 C A S Q U A R T E R L Y iZotope RX5 Advanced: b y G . J o h n G a r r e t t C A S As promised, the folks at iZotope have been hard at work and RX5 Advanced is the latest addition to their arsenal of audio repair tools. Here's a brief overview. The User Interface looks familiar, but there are a couple of changes and additions. The tool order is slightly different, and there are two new buttons, Instant Process and a drop- down menu button. The default process is "Attenuate." Click on the Instant Process button to turn it on, select the process you want from the right-hand drop-down menu, select the area you want to process, and off it goes. Along the right-hand side, there are some additions: First, the Module Chain button. This allows the user to store and recall frequently used processes in a handy group of customizable presets. This alone makes RX5 Advanced worth the price of admission to me. Most of my post work involves dialogue cleanup or music mixing, and being able to quickly apply similar or identical processes to take after take is a huge convenience. You can insert, remove, edit, reorder, and bypass mod- ules—then save the whole thing as a preset. As Frank Zappa said, "That's right, you heard right." The next difference is a De-plosive module. I made a test recording, jeopardizing my Schoeps CMIT5 in the process, and the module works very well. Even with the most severe bottoming-out, I could take nearly all of the problem out in a couple of passes. Remember, I was really hammering it. Moderate plosives from lava- lieres and stand-mounted mics are a quick fix. This is going to change dialogue editing for sure. How you can take a longer lunch while convincing management you're still slaving away at plosives is up to you. Ex-plosive Developments

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