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52 F A L L 2 0 1 5 C A S Q U A R T E R L Y Network and has just completed the first season of A Wicked Offer for The CW. He has also delivered Season 2 of Museum Men for the History Channel and is currently mixing a one-hour spe- cial for the Disney Channel called Clash of the Carts. He did two TV movies this summer: Help, What's Killing Me? for LMN and The Homeless Detective for character actor Larry Hankin. On the feature film front, he has just delivered the final audio for the film Dinner with the Alchemist and is currently mixing the supernatural thriller for Big Block Entertainment Group called Tell Me How I Die. Finally, a hilarious short film project that he sound designed and mixed this summer, Movies in Space, has won Best Short at Fantastic Fest in Austin this month. It's Tom Backus CAS from Knoxville, TN, reporting in … I have been finish- ing up sound design for the inde- pendent movie Wildflower for Sony/ Provident. Actually, it started last year in Rochester, NY, where I had the pro- duction sound mixer duties on location for six weeks filming the movie. Then started post production sound design this year in July. I also spent a day on location at Dollywood, with Miss Dolly Parton, shooting scenes with her for the movie Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors. Also, have been post audio mixing the third season of the TV show Murder Comes to Town for the Discovery ID Network. Matt Foglia CAS filled in some weekends mixing a special on the NY Giants' Odell Beckham, Jr. for NFL Network. Then he got a dose of reality mixing on an episode of MTV's True Life, and saw the sobering effects of substance abuse while mixing a docu- mentary on the subject for Discovery. Devendra Cleary CAS here! I'm currently mixing Season 2 of Secrets and Lies for ABC and feeling extremely blessed to have Josh Bower on boom and Tanya Peel doing utility. This is one of several shows that has relocated to Los Angeles this year after the state passed AB1839. Also, I recently caught the travel bug; so once we wrap, I'm going to be spinning a globe with my eyes closed to see what destination my finger points to. Here's to a busy and healthy year for all! Paul Vik Marshall CAS has had seven operations in the last ten months that could have brought him down but for a call from the Television Academy telling him that he was nominated for HBO's The Jinx! A great surprise and an honor. He would like to thank Tim Hays, co-nominee, for bringing him on the project. Although he didn't win, congrats to the Sonic Highways crew, the evening at the Emmys was fantas- tic. Tim and his date, Jasmine, along with Paul's beautiful girlfriend wear- ing a traditional Thai dress, Chantisa Kananub (utility/Y7A), made the night even more enjoyable. It was great seeing Bill McPherson, William Monroe, and Steve Tibbo at the event. Many thanks to Tibbo, Bob Bronow, Steve Morantz, and Ben Patrick for taking the time and telling me what to expect. Good times. Gary D. Rogers CAS and Dan Hiland CAS are mixing the sixth sea- son of AMC's The Walking Dead, the second season of HBO's The Leftovers, and the fourth season of The CW's Arrow, all on Dub Stage 1 at Warner Bros. Burbank Studio. Todd Grace CAS and Ed Carr CAS have been busy on Warner Bros. Dubbing Stage 2. After a summer After completing the 30-minute cop drama Blessed and finishing some fea- ture temp mixes for AFM, Karol Urban CAS MPSE is busy dubbing Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy for ABC, as well as Season 2 of Kingdom for DIRECTV. Brendan Beebe CAS is finishing up American Horror Story: Hotel. It's the most talented cast I've ever worked with and Dennis Fuller is incredible running the set. Thank you to all the double-up mixers and boom ops that have come through here. At Smart Post Sound in Burbank, Sherry Klein CAS and Lisle Engle CAS are just wrapping up Minority Report for Fox. They recently complet- ed Agent X, premiering in November on TBS. Lisle and Sherry are also at Roundabout in Burbank starting Flaked for Netflix. Alex Riordan CAS, his crew of boom operator Eric Anthony and sound util- ity/second boom Michael McGrath, have had a very busy year. They fin- ished up Season 1 of Empire. Then did the pilot Love Is a Four-Letter Word. Currently, they're in the middle of Season 2 of Empire. Also with them this season is Pro Tools playback opera- tor/sound utility/third boom operator Chris Parker. Yes, that's right. They got a full-time fourth this season which has allowed us to have three booms at times! Woody Woodhall CAS has been busy supervising sound editing and re-recording mixing this spring and summer. He is currently posting the 11th season of Mystery Diners for Food

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