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6 F A L L 2 0 1 5 C A S Q U A R T E R L Y You can't mistake the progress happening. CAS is so proud of our Dialog on Dialog panel at the Sound for Film event. Tips and techniques were revealed from production through the edit and on to the final mix, with an emphasis on how they all strive to keep the production track intact and work with post to form the basis of any sound design. It has been a terrific quarter for the CAS. We kicked things off with a very successful event held at Sony Studios. Together with Mix magazine, the MPSE, and Sony Studios, we partnered for our second annual mix event called The Art of Sound Design: Music, Effects and Dialog in an Immersive World. The CAS sponsored and moderated an expert panel on dialog called "From Set to Screen," while our peer orga- nization, the MPSE, sponsored and moderated an expert panel on sound effects titled "How Far Can You Go?" You will find excellent coverage of this event in this issue with additional coverage on Mix magazine's website—just search "sound for film" for their November 6 article. "Truth, honesty, courage, risk, inventiveness." These were the types of words that keynote speaker Mark Mangini, a three-time Academy Award-nominated sound designer/re-recording mixer, used to describe what lies at the heart of film sound design, whether straight ahead or mind-meld inventive. The art of sound is "the art of story- telling," he explained. More than 400 attendees were treated to a series of master classes on immersive sound by Dolby, DTS, DSPATIAL, AID, and Auro Technologies, to go with expert panels on music, dialog, effects, and mixing. And in the hallways and mixing stages at Sony, leading manufac- turers and organizations in film sound showcased their technologies and talents. A large number of the attendees were from our member- ship, clearly taking advantage of the 50% discount (meal included) given to CAS members. THE PRESIDENT'S LETTER Panel: Sponsored by the CAS, the Expert Panel Dialog: From Set to Screen included (left to right), Lee Orloff, Teri Dorman, CAS President Mark Ulano, moderator Jeff Wexler, Gary Bourgeois, Marla McGuire, and Stephen Tibbo. To educate and inform the general public and the motion picture and television industry that effective sound is achieved by a creative, artistic and technical blending of diverse sound elements. To provide the motion picture and television industry with a progressive society of master craftsmen specialized in the art of creative cinematic sound recording. To advance the special- ized field of cinematic sound recording by exchange of ideas, methods, and information. To advance the art of auditory appre- ciation, and to philanthropically support those causes dedicated to the sense of hearing. To institute and maintain high stan- dards of conduct and craftsmanship among our members. To aid the motion picture and television industry in the selection and training of qualified personnel in the unique field of cinematic sound recording. To achieve for our members deserved recogni- tion as major contributors to the field of motion picture and television entertainment. CINEMA AUDIO SOCIETY MISSION STATEMENT Additionally, we held our annual CAS picnic at Elysian Park. This informal event aimed at bringing our members closer together, provided food, games, and prizes to more than 100 members and friends. Next up, of course, is our annual awards program, com- ing in February, with Career Achievement Award recipient Doc Kane. Mark your calendars for February 20 and pur- chase your tickets early as this is always a sell-out event. Hope to see you there! Mark Ulano CAS President of the Cinema Audio Society

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