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torrancememorial.org PULSE | 9 T hanks to the rapid rise of technology, all of the medical tools necessary to promote a healthy, safe lifestyle are no further than the screen of your smartphone. Here are five of our favorites: ALIVEECG BY ALIVECOR Record an electrocardiogram (ECG) with ease using AliveCor's user-friendly app. By simply placing your finger on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, you can immediately measure the rate and rhythm of your heartbeat. AliveCor's cutting-edge technology also determines if atrial fibrillation (a top cause of strokes) has been found in your ECG. AliveECG allows your ECGs to instantly be shared with your doctor or other health care professional, ensuring that you receive the most accurate information possible. All of these features can be accessed quickly and easily, whether you're out running errands or making dinner at home. WEBMD If you have small children, a sketchy immune system or just need a comprehensive app to easily check symptoms, WebMD is for you! is innovative app allows you to check your symptoms using an animated body model, set helpful reminders for medication consumption, access first aid materials easily and even use your location to find hospitals near you. Matching symptoms with a diagnosis has never been easier—or faster. WebMD is the perfect on-the- go tool, allowing you to maintain your busy lifestyle without sacrificing lifesaving medical information. GLOOKO For diabetics, monitoring symptoms on the road can be a tedious process. If you're looking for an app that combines all of the tools necessary to remain active and healthy while controlling your blood sugar, Glooko is the perfect solution. With a few taps and swipes, you can import glucose data from your meter, set reminders for checking blood sugar and taking medication, and even monitor your blood pressure and weight. If your memory tends to fail you, insulin, food and medication can easily be logged using Glooko's expansive database—it's the ultimate lifestyle journal. ICE ICE is a streamlined and all- inclusive app that allows you to log all emergency information in detail. You can enter emergency instructions in several languages, a list of emergency contacts, copies of your ID and insurance cards, medical conditions, medications and family information. ICE can even be enabled to run on your lock screen, so if you encounter a life-threatening situation, emergency workers can easily access your health information by simply tapping your screen. A new update allows you to enable Smart911, which authorizes 911 operators to access a wealth of emergency information almost instantaneously. FIRST AID BY AMERICAN RED CROSS Perfect for families with school-aged children, Red Cross's First Aid app provides you with every resource possible for dealing with emergency situations. Whether you're dealing with minor cuts and burns or choking, First Aid's user-friendly, step-by-step instructions ensure that you'll handle emergencies correctly each time. To guarantee that you fully understand each emergency procedure lesson, you can also access several unique quizzes to test your first-aid knowledge. THESE APPS COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE WRITTEN BY REBECCAH GLASER USE YOUR SMARTPHONE TO MONITOR YOUR HEART RATE, CONTROL YOUR BLOOD SUGAR, ANALYZE SYMPTOMS AND MORE. H E A LT H L I N KS

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