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REAL EVENTS eventos reales Fall | Otoño 2008 69 Diseños Ivette Alaniz Paloma's Collection Inc. Paloma's Collection Inc. Paloma's Collection Inc. (left to right) Jackeline Cacho, V.P. of L.N. Mario Vitale, designer Rocio Soria, Paloma's Collection, CEO of L.N. Isidro Arroyo Ice sculpture sponsored by Thirty Two Below (below) Special Guest Maria Marín, author and motivational speaker Special performance by Eduardo Arturo (Univision Records) with Ivette Alaniz (left) and her collection (above) The unvailing featured an opening performance with aztec dancers that followed with Paloma's Collection Designs. (left) Special guest appearance from Mabel Katz "The Mabel Katz Show" Mario Vitale V.P. and Isidro Arroyo CEO. Presentation by Marco Antonio Muñiz (Marco Antonio Solis imitador) Issue 14 Launch Sportsmen's Lodge, Studio City CA (izqui. a derecha) Jackeline Cacho, Mario Vitale (Linda Novia V.P.), Rocio Sorio from Paloma's Collection and Isidro Arroyo (Linda Novia CEO). Invitada especial, Maria Marín, autora y motivadora. Eduardo Arturo (Univision Records) con la diseñadora Ivette Alaniz (izquierdaa) y su colleción. Invitada especial, Mabel Katz de "The Mabel Katz Show", Mario Vitale V.P. of L.N. and Isidro Arroyo CEO of L.N. Danzantes aztecas abren la presentación de la revista siguiendo con la collecion de Paloma's Collection. Cantante imitador de Marco Antonio Solis, Marco Antonio Muñiz. Sculptura de hielo por la compañia 32 Below.

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