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50 Linda Novia Magazine | Q: My fiancé and I just completed our wedding registry. I do not want to include the registry cards. How do I let my guests know where we registered? A: Your guests will find out through word of mouth. Family will call your parents, your fiancé's parents, siblings, or they will contact you and your fiancé directly. Co-workers and friends will find out from other friends. It's a natural response for guests to wonder if a couple is registered and will definitely ask around to get that answer. Make sure all of your bridal party members and close relatives know where you are registered DEAR W E N D A E-MAIL US YOUR QUESTIONS AT WENDA@LINDANOVIA.NET Please be sure to include your full name, city and state, role in the event and the wedding date in the e-mail or your question will not be answered. because the question will come up many times! Q: I just got engaged, what is the first thing I should do? A: The first thing all brides should do is to come up with a realistic budget. There's nothing more disappointing than finding your dream location and realizing the reception will cost $150.00 per guest and your budget only allots for $50.00 per guest. Discuss the budget with your fiancé and those who may be contributing to your wedding. Decide on a realistic budget that everyone is comfortable with. Once you have Q. My fiancé has not been involved with my wedding planning. How do I get him to be as excited as I am about the planning? A: Most likely your fiancé will not be as excited about the actual planning of the wedding as you are. For him, planning the perfect proposal was probably a major task that took weeks if not months to plan. For some men the thought of planning a wedding every day for the next nine to fifteen months may not be his ideal of "excitement". Instead of having your fiancé attend every meeting with your coordinator and looking at every invitation on the top thirty invitation sites, choose activities you feel he might enjoy or feel proud doing. Have him research honeymoon options or perhaps research limousine companies. He might not enjoy sitting in on the meeting with your bridesmaid's seamstress but may Q: Is a three year old too young to be a flower girl? A: Every child is different. You will have to base that on her maturity level. If she doesn't seem like she will be fine walking down the aisle alone consider having her walk with the maid of honor or if her mother is one of the bridesmaids have her walk with her mom. Another option is if you have another child who is a little older, perhaps the ring bearer. Both children can walk down the aisle together. If the flower girl's parents are not a part of the bridal party make sure they are sitting at the front closest to the aisle so that the flower girl sees a familiar face. She may need some coaxing to make it all the way up the aisle or there's a chance she may forget what to do with the petals. Luckily most guests think the flowers girls are extremely cute when they do something out of the ordinary! A useful way to get even your most complicated questions answered by one of our experienced certified wedding coordinators. Don't Stress, Just Ask Wenda. QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY WENDA EVANS FROM MORE THAN JUST WEDDINGS BY WENDA

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