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REAL EVENTS eventos reales Fall | Otoño 2008 35 Fall is the "new" popular time of year for couples to Wed and there is much to see coming this season!! It is definitely a good time of year to see what is expected! What to Wear? Brides will be making their Dress(es) Matter! So much for ONE dress. Try 2-3 as the new trend. The budgets are expanding and the styles are going back to couture with a vintage flair. Lace and Beading are a must along with a dress from ceremony and then a second and sometimes a third ensemble for the reception. Accessories are of course of up-most importance this fall. Brides are loving to adding sparkle to their dress, hair and bouquets with crystal pins. Bridesmaids - still want a versatile dress they can wear many times after a wedding. The hot color remains Chocolate or several of Brown this fall. Groom and Groomsmen- are finding themselves in stylish & youthful suits. Matching ties are going to be the key ingredient. Where to get Married? Ceremony Trends are going back to basics. Traditional Church ceremonies will be more common with receptions being held at the most unique and couple fitting sites that can be found in their area. For instance if a couple has a love of animals the local zoo might hold their reception. What Color to Choose? Couples are getting more and more creative to break away from being in a trend. In fact, the trend is to have a simple base color like Ivory or Taupe and then add POPS of Color. The hot Fall POP Colors are: Bright Mandarin Orange, Deep Reds, Copper, Yellow, and Golden Brown. For a formal look you may even see Black and White as a base with any of the above colors added which would be a summer trend carried over. Cake or No Cake? Show stopping desserts are still growing in their trend to take away the formal wedding cake. Tiramisu, Cheesecake, Cupcakes are some replacements that couples are exploring. Reception Eating or Not? Main Course is no longer going to be the focus. Couples are most excited about food stations throughout the event than a formal sit down dinner. It begins with appetizers galore and ends with a late night snack of mini cheeseburgers and milkshakes! How to entertain guests? Live entertainment is back! Fall weddings plan to have anything from full live bands to Circus Acts to make sure that their reception goes back to the tradition of being a party! Trend or NO Trend? Weddings are increasing in competitiveness as couples try to outdo the weddings on TV or even their family or friends. What better way than to make it unique but to be unlike anyone else. Couples will be going into great detail with their planning. It will begin with an overall theme from engagement party invites to an exit gift at the reception. No expense will be spared to create guest praise! Seasonal Touches? Pumpkin, Squash and Corn at weddings? How about seed packages as favors or corn place cards? It may happen. What about Events? From private parties to Quinceañera affairs may get more intimate than before due to economical factors. However special events like Quinceañeras will follow the trend of having more than one special dress while corporate events will follow wedding food and dessert trends this coming Fall Season! NOT BEING IN TREND IS "THE TREND" Spotlight on the Fall Wedding Season of 2008 MARCIA VIDAL, Certified Wedding Consultant Crystal Clear Weddings and Occasions

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